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Meet Lyrical. All he want's to do is escape the life he lives in. Growing up in south west Detrot was tough. He only got through by because he listened to the Old School rap that made him what he is today. With his friend, Shadow Breeze, they both decide to take the next train to the nearest city to start out fresh. Ponyville. Lyrical want's to take it easy, but a few certain ponies a DJ and a Cellist wont let him relax. Now, Lyrical and Shadow Breeze have to suffer partying with the pink pony, rocking with the DJ, and learning some classic manners from the Cellist.

Will dark stories be revealed?
Authors note: All oc's and lyrics belong to gordobraveheart and enigmaMystere, and AnonJ17-ShadowBreeze
this is a adopted story.
first half of chapter 1 edited by: ShadowBlades- Micheal.
and the rest edited by Darth Cygnus
The (e) means edited.
Conflicted tags: Comedy

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i am enigmaMystere, and i approve of this story. :scootangel:

Woo romance in this story :D and with a griffin, that's pretty awesome.

Now Gilda = Meg. Image is burned into your minds!!! Gilda with the pink hat and glasses!!

1574598Thank EnigmaMystere for that:twilightsmile: awhen i asked him what should be a goo name for a griffin king, he and Vinyl came up with PETER, the GRIFFIN king. That had me rolling:rainbowlaugh:

1575971Yea, who knows, Gilda could go 'offensive':twilightoops:

I am loving this! It's just so funny!

"This...Lyrical enjoys my night skies more than sister's sun.....
IN YOUR FACE!!!!" Luna shouts

well at least someone commented on the story lol.
glad your enjoying it.
you should check out my other stories.

LoL I'am from Detroit and I thought you spelled it wrong but I quickly realize IT WAS A PONY PUN!!!!! :rainbowlaugh::twilightblush::facehoof::pinkiesmile: oh yeah good story :twilightsmile:

Haven't read this story in a minute...

This is the fabric I am looking for! Take my likes you magnificent bastard!

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