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I'm the creator of Otakuworld.com, Jenniverse.com, the computer game Boppin', numerous online comics, novels, and tons of other wonderful things. I really love MLP:FiM.


Los Pegasus is the new name of what was once Los Angeles. The Equestrian barrier, now on land, approaches, and with it Inclusion Day, where the city will become part of Equestria. Both converted Newfoals and the last humans all have their own stories to tell as this final event in the life of their city approaches.

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I don't read Conversion Bureau stories, but god fucking damn are those headers fancy. A++, would salivate over again.

Yes! this is all of my yes!

Enjoying this so far, can't wait to see what happens next!

You that building, right between the two pegasi, the tall round one? My dad helped build that, and so did I.:rainbowdetermined2:

Edit: lovely story.

Just disliked because of TCB. Ten rounds, lives, and minutes all the way!

Jeez what's with all the downvotes?
Anyway, I like what you've got so far, and am looking forward to more!

One thing always makes me angry with TCB stories- people dislike them for no reason other then that they are TCB. Anyways this story is great so far, keep it up!

It gets dislikes "mostly" (hopefully in this case) for the fact that its a "The Conversation Bureau" story.
Some just plain dislike them :applejackunsure:
The rest of the dislikes came from the Dislike Deterers, people who dislike for reasons they will not state! :pinkiegasp:

I'm indifferent to things/ideas like the TCB. I just read for the story.

803889 ooooh! you've read things by Defoloce!

Chat, you got two admins approving this. Keep up the good work!

And the battle is on! Free Will (real or illusory) vs. Ultimate Benefit (real or intended). This chapter showed one path to heaven. Will the following chapters show other less savory destinations of this well paved road? No doubt we'll pass many sacred cows along the way. :applejackunsure:

Another great fic and setting for working out some tough issues! I can't wait for more.

I enjoyed this thoroughly. :moustache:

Comment posted by All American deleted Jan 18th, 2013

It's a TCB story and one from Chatoyance on top of that. It’s no surprise that some people automatically disliked the story. Which isn’t totally unjustified since her usual stories are rather one-sided in favor of the ponies. :ajbemused:

TCB stories always make me feel depressed because most of the time either the humans or the ponies are portrayed as total bastards. Therefore, I’m not going to read this. The cover image, however, looks nice and I like the look of the OC with the flame mane.

… that wasn’t a very helpful commentary, was it? :pinkiehappy:

Comment posted by TheCrazyMan deleted Jan 18th, 2013

Yet again Chatoyance, you've impressed me with one of your stories. Can't wait to see what happens next.


:ajbemused: They commented on the header being good, not the story. Hell, if you payed attention, you'll have noticed Poultron say that he doesn't read TCB stories.

People no longer demonstrably able to make their own decisions or even display self-awareness do need help.

The Chatoverse has the origin point of the Barrier starting in the Pacific. In other stories, she's shown that people who refuse ponification and flee constantly from the Barrier will eventually be ponified against their will by the Worldgov. For North America, this event comes at one of the easternmost points, up in Canada, where the impact of their defiance is forcibly denied them. For people unable to answer one way or another, however—especially people living in an area of first contact with the Barrier—they would get unmade by the Barrier where they stood, not even knowing that it was necessary to convert or run. It could be argued that Phoebe's personal guard detail or family would shuttle her along ahead of the Barrier, but given the attitudes displayed by her next of kin, even that may not have happened.

My ongoing reservations about the Chatoverse aside, I think the right thing was done here. I probably would have done the same myself, were I put in the narrator's place. While I believe people should have the freedom to choose to die in defiance, people like poor Phoebe can't even make that choice to begin with, so it cannot be assumed.

The strive for universal salvation is a huge theme in Chatoyance's stories, possibly even the central theme, if I could be so presumptuous. For Chat, ponification is always preferable to death, without exception. If Chato and Celestia had their way in this universe, absolutely everyone would be in hooves within a month of the Bureaus opening, regardless of whether that person had been generally good or evil as a human. To pass into Equestria is to receive unconditional indulgence.

Celestia is in a difficult position, though, in this universe. She wants to respect freedom, but she doesn't want to see people die. Fortunately for her, human leaders have no qualms about being paternalistic and making decisions for others. The problem lies in the fact that they're deciding for people who can decide for themselves, and have. Phoebe cannot, which is why I'm giving this forceful ponification a pass. Absent any other information, we must assume people want to live. That's the stuff of hope.

Comment posted by SCP-682 deleted Jan 18th, 2013

804035 Don't you mean the singular? Your grammar is terrible by the way.

804354 Nooo! You have betrayed the resistance!

804234 "To the last round to the last mag to the last bullet, we will fight!"

804448 Um, no, I mean Defoloce, the guy who commented directly above me. Also, somehow you conculde my grammar is terrible from a single sentence which I spent a whole six seconds typing while trying to be friendly, and the most you can do is try to be a condescending ass.

Well, that makes perfect sense. Please, tell me if my grammar happens to be flawed here, for I believe you may have made a previously incorrect accusition.

804432 us6.memecdn.com/die-pony-die_o_453142.gif

804479 Oh shit well then sorry I just thought you were being sarcastic. :facehoof:

804489 Oh, it's fine. I totally wasn't. What I should have said was. "Oh YAY! You are one of the 800 something people that read ten rounds! YAYS!" <or something of the latter. Sorry for taking the defensive side.

804354 And so we meet again. I was beggining to think you were dead. I'm just glad that I was your fourth follower. Seven Three was litterally the very first fic I read on this site.

Comment posted by Guardian deleted Jan 18th, 2013


'Resistance'. What a silly notion. Its one fanfic by one author in an arguably small sub-genre of MLP fanfiction. You lot arent even talking about the story, you're doing some bloody other shenanigans. :unsuresweetie:

804234 Dude... what are you smoking and can I have some?


I am on 100% All American. It's a hell of a drug.

Excuse me, but may I ask how old you are?


While there are parts to Chatoyance's stories which rub me the wrong way, I still give credit where it is due. Chatoyance can draw about twenty to thirty dislikes on a story simply because the story exists, but I don't play that. In the past I've communicated my concerns with her, and she's responded in-depth, and I can do nothing but respect that. Despite my misgivings, I still find myself reading everything she writes, so I guess she's winning on that front.


Nope, not dead quite yet! I see you've started getting quite a following yourself. I'll have to check out some of your stories soon!

804608 I think Australian is better, it lets me steal you militaries hardware while we sit down and drink beer all day and watch you lot run around.

The first story, City In Gray, is based on my own real-life experiences, one of which happened just yesterday - which inspired me to write. Phoebe is based on several women I have met. The interactions in the markets were real. They bothered me, deeply, powerfully. There are a LOT of people in the world like Phoebe, and I have met many of them, others I see around me every day. Some are homeless, others are just suffering along.

I feel bad for the suffering of others, and I feel very frustrated that there is so little I can do. A hug here, and kind word there, but any real change is impossible - the problem is reality itself. Phoebe is going to happen to all of us. To you. To me. We are all going to end up some kind of messed up and old, waiting to die, and that is if we are lucky. That's how life here is.

In the character of the story using a magical cure-all on Phoebe, I am also suggesting the motivations of the PER, and even the Worldgovernment at the end, ponifying whoever they can scoop up. I know that most humans out there are happy to just let strangers suffer and die. I see it every day, I definitely saw in in the years I lived in Los Angeles and San Francisco. And there is the matter of, well, most of the planet. Throughout history.

I can't accept that, you see. So I write humans being commonly willing to help others. I know it is fantasy, I know it is goofy - but in my stories the elite of the world actually care, they care so much that they are willing to save ungrateful people, just because they are not willing to let them suffer and die. Unlike now, in the real world. Which is why there is a universal ration of food and water, and stuff like that in my works.

I guess, deep down, I really want to ignore things like Chernobyl and Fukushima and New Orleans and believe instead that during a global disaster, humanity would pull together and help everyone survive, even if it meant moving to another universe. I wish I could save all of the Phoebe's of the world, and I wish all of humanity cared about each other.

I know it is not true. But I like to pretend that if the end of the world was nigh, humanity would do whatever was necessary to survive, even if it meant turning into aliens and escaping to another cosmos. Whatever it took, because deep down, every life did matter. Yeah, I am a dreamer.

But it ultimately means that I wish that we, as a people, as a civilization, took care of our weakest, poorest, oldest, and most crippled members. I wish I didn't have to see them living in cardboard boxes around me. I wish the universe wasn't so cruel, or that our science was used to cure people of aging and death instead of making weapons and selling big screens. I wish the very idea of desperate, helpless, suffering people was impossible to imagine. I grew up on the idea of a super-science future where everything is shiny. But that isn't what we, as a species, decided to create.

So I see people like Phoebe, and of course, much, much worse, all the time, every single time I go out. And it just hurts so much, you know?

That is what motivated this first story.

804622 I'm finding it rather hard to wipe the smile off my face.

But yeah. I liked your stories before I could write!!


<Rubs temples>

Not here and not now.

804651 Why because you know it to be true.


God they just dont grow up anymore do they...

Im 21, I've served 3 years in the US Infantry. You want misanthropic shit? I can tell you real life stories that will make you wanna nuke this planet into a desolate husk. Fortunately, I still believe mankind has the right stuff.


I'm not going to dispute you. This is the internet and I will never sway your opinion in a fucking comments section.

"Don't feed the trolls."


I'm not a misanthrope. I love humanity and would never give it up for anything and if I was in this story's universe, I would fight till my dying breath. I may think humanity is full of idiots and assholes but I still love it.

804678 Oh you know that I am right, and besides I don't even know why you think I am a troll.

804696 Would you really fight for humanity? Well I don't see you in cams or have a rifle.


Cool your jets brony. You don't even know me. I am a gunsmith and my house is like a small armory but I have never needed to use any of it for anything other that target shooting and a little bit of hunting here and there, The only reason that I am not in the military right now is because of a medical issue.

Can't we just get along?


I think... I think you missed the point...

I'm saying that I've seen real life. Its worse than this. I've seen 9yo girls married off to 43yo men as their 3rd wife. I've seen men rape their own boys, goats, and eachother. I've seen people walk by a man dying of thirst, not even bothering to help. I myself am not exempt from commiting such horrors either.

And niether are you.

Did you know back in the 60's they did a study on the wickedness of mankind? The result: You could staff a nazi death camp from any medium sized american town. Guess what, they repeated this experiment 2 years ago with drastically worse results. I'm not a fan of Chay's universe either, but damn me if it isnt realistic to some degree.

Fuck this, I'm done.

804726 Right, and I am the king of Sweden. But you don't know Chat either yet I don't know why you like to disrespect her and then begin go on about this 'Resistance' stuff. So please tell me how this relates to her story, and I know I am being hypocritical right now.


Dude, it's a damn joke! I never meant disrespect. If she doesn't want me to make resistance comments, all she has to do is tell me.

besides, I gave her a thumbs up and a fav on this.


Thanks for that. I'm gonna go kill myself now.

"Which isn’t totally unjustified since her usual stories are rather one-sided in favor of the ponies."

Why... why wouldn't a story on FimFiction, TCB or otherwise, be in favor of ponies? It's a pony fiction site, centered on a show about ponies, supposedly for writers and readers who really, really love... ponies.

On a fanfiction site devoted to how much we all love My Little Pony, how much we adore, love and admire the ponies... why on blessed earth wouldn't I write stories completely in favor of... the ponies? Isn't that the entire point, the entire reason for being here?

Did I miss a memo? Is this secretly the "We Hate Ponies" fanfiction site? Is it somehow considered cool to not see the ponies as better, nicer, more magical, more wonderful and all around more celebrity-wow than anything else in the world? Isn't that what being a 'fan' is all about?

Yes, I write stories where, universally, I am in favor of the ponies. Because I like them. Because I like My Little Pony. Because I am a fan, and I am showing my love for what I am a fan of.

OF COURSE I write in favor of the ponies!

It's the entire point of being here.

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