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Broken Notes

Hello and Welcome to my library. I don't have much, and i'm still learning, but I hope to, one day, become a great author.

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808527 sir, i have no idea hwat you are talking about, nor who you are....but i like your idea, therefor, i like you :rainbowwild:

Sir there is always the taco bell doritos locos tacos

Please don't let your story die!:fluttercry:

>>Unknownxxx Thanks so much! It means alot! :heart: :heart::heart: :eeyup:

No Problem, but I Really hope Insane Murderer!!:pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy:

No, not really but I Can't Wait to see what's next in your history, I mean seriousy, you have potencial wth that History, I don't now, I just have that Feeling I never haved before, that Is going to be Awesome!!

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