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After being sent moon by Celestia Luna has only her thoughts and the vast emptiness of the moon to keep her company. Well she isn't entirely alone she has her nightmares with her to keep her company as well. Will Luna be able to keep the darkness at bay to find out what she really wants or will the nightmares take over? Who is the real Luna? Is the Luna she sees as her true self or is it really Nightmare Moon?

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 4 )

Hmmm, a story with Luna in it...
*starts to read*
Yes you do need a pre-reader.
I would be happy to take on that roll.
And at least try to make this into something better,

Be a little more descriptive. But good story:pinkiehappy:


GRAMMER NAZI *i pull out spling gun* EAT WORDS

i really like this story is there going to be more???:pinkiehappy:

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