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The mod of Ask Violet Factory. The word Factory is there cause Rainbow Factory. I like to art and write. DRABBLE PROMPT NINJA FISH

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For most of her life, Nala has been bullied by Dez and Sal, mostly for liking My Little Pony, despite the fact it got her a boyfriend. But when her new neighbors are basically human versions of her three favorite pegisi, Nala is over joyed.

Till she gets stuck in a category four hurricane with her neighbors, her parents, Dez and Sal.

(Yeah... recommend that you read Changes For Scootaloo to get the drift of this universe. That is all)

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Fed up with Sweetie Belle delaying that her special talent was singing, Rarity enters her sister into a singing contest.

Of course, Sweetie Belle has something to say about it.

(Note. This story contains an Antro Robot singing. You also should read Changes For Scootaloo to understand the ages and some more info)(no spoilers)(Also, this is a cross between my universe and the FiW universe)

Art by TunDeri on DeviantART

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When Azure Sky agreed, she had no idea what she got herself into.
Then she was hired by a stallion to get "proof".
.... whatever that means.

Chapters (2)

Rainbow Dash finds Fluttershy mauled in the Everfree Forest. The yellow Pegasus is poisoned by a manticore and faces near death.
Meanwhile, Twilight notices a different attitude from Rainbow, and fears that she might join Fluttershy if she passes.

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Snowbelle gets a feeling, and knew exactly what it meant.
But she didn't want it to be true...
(This was the first ever fic I've written. My first was not Connected, this was, and now you will see how I originally wrote.)

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Scootaloo as progresses through triumph, betrayal, redemption, and the truth, things change for both her and others.

Chapters (11)

A strange mare comes to Ponyville. While the others try to make friends with the mare, Pinkie Pie hides from her. Twilight confronts Pinkie and finds the secrets of an unimaginable past, and go on an adventure that changes everything.

Chapters (7)

Two mortal enemies learn the truth of their shared pastime, but will the two make up, or will one become the others worst nightmare? Can Twilight face the truth? Will Trixie learn to forgive? Can the pair face the fact they were always connected by blood? Does Rainbow Dash have another mental break down? Be prepared to find out.

Chapters (8)
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