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The mod of Ask Violet Factory. The word Factory is there cause Rainbow Factory. I like to art and write. DRABBLE PROMPT NINJA FISH


Rainbow Dash finds Fluttershy mauled in the Everfree Forest. The yellow Pegasus is poisoned by a manticore and faces near death.
Meanwhile, Twilight notices a different attitude from Rainbow, and fears that she might join Fluttershy if she passes.

Chapters (4)
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Comments ( 5 )

Can you please keep writing? I would like to know what's coming next :) It would be a shame if you don't end this Story :) Its awesome :)

3129822. I've been working on the next part, but I keep thinking the major event of chapter 3 is too soon coming. I'm still working as hard as I can.

Edit: it took me thirty minutes and a cliffhanger.

Nice to hear that you're still writing. I just thaught that you don't write anymore :) and you don't need to hurry :) Just take all the time you need :) And soory for my Bad English :P

Your turn. I don't care :)

I just wanted to say, it is fillies.

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