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Shimmering Honor

I am Shimmering Honor, I became a Brony when a mate and my brother manged to get me to watch the first two episodes, from then on I was hooked. now I want to start to write and jump into the fandom.


Sergeant Shimmering Honor is tasked with protect the greatest airship of all time, Nocturnal Thunder, on its way back to Pony Island for retrofitting. But no sooner than the voyage gets underway, his resolve is tested as they are ambushed, nightmares and new feelings tear at the crew. Will they make it to dry dock before all hell breaks lose and will Shimmering Honor realize what he feels deep down inside.

(thanks to the team at the Sound of Thunder group for all there hard work)

Edited by RGLloyd

Chapters (3)
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Comments ( 20 )

I like this fic.
This is a nice fucking fic.

~Willow the Pirate

3283711 aye that it is, that it is, but alas I could not do it alone....

Very nice start! It could definitely use a bit of editing though. How's about sending a message to Cor? He's pretty freakin' awesome. I'd also like to help, but I'm currently swamped.

Can't wait tho see where it goes!

3284493 if anything Doc, this has been edited about 8 times....soooo, but I do appreciate the suggestions




Good chapters, looking forwards to more.

....you need a serious grammar check.

....I can't read this, too much grammar weirdness...

3333196 I am slowly sorting this out before another chapter is posted.

But plot wise...what do you think about it so far?


I can't read the plot because of the grammar.

3333553 ahh...well please try... if the grammar was that bad, why did you favorite it...

Also this is the heavily edited version already... you should read Amnesia and Love, your head would explode.

“I have never seen somepony with that much stamina, and then to get other ponies to speed up as well, what a feet.” the captain said as he stuck a hoof out to shake.


this may have been pointed out already. if so, sorry. yes, i was busy reading.


3672007 thank you, no one noticed that before

New fic? I'll check it out when I have some time!:pinkiehappy:

3744822 not mine...its a collab I somehow ended up partially helping with and writing a reallyy really bad prequel too...

3744827 I doubt it's bad. I gotta work on our second chapter but I'm working out the kinks to a new episodic fic with superheroes! After that's all squared away, I'll be typing our second chapter. BTW did you wanna check out my episodic fic? My editor is kinda taking forever and I thought maybe you could catch some stuff and leave some feedback if I linked it. Up to you of course.

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