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Stripped of my humanity, torn from my world and procedurally trained into the perfect lapdog by a deranged madman.

Mad pony, I guess, although I hardly see how thats any better.

A thousand years have passed in the blink of an eye...

Are we... free?

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Perim is a land fraught with danger, either by flora or fauna of the wide wonderful world the players of Chaotic have access to. That was always a given.

But with the appearance of an eighth battledrome, and access to a world that is definitely not Perim...

Well... Friendship might just prove to be... Chaotic.

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You know the drill. Comicon. Cosplay. Merchant. Boom, Equestria.

I woke up not in a land of technicolor ponies, but within the lands of their dreams. They had no protector, no one to stave off the nightmares and keep them safe. So I took on that role, and watched over them as if they were my own.

Until recently, when their previous protector finally came back.

A thousand years ago, the Protector of Dreams, Princess Luna was banished to the moon. And tonight she finally returned.

Thanks to Arxsys for the wonderful cover art work!

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Pinkie Pie really should have known better, some folks who could see were startled something fierce by her welcome wagon. That poor little filly had no idea what hit her.

And now she has to live with it.

Inspired by a scene from the story ...And it's freaking cold up here.

Featured for about five minutes on 3/26/15

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Late nights aren't good for your health. Neither is being turned into a ponified superhero by a bored god of chaos, and hurled into a town of curious, friendly ponies. Well, that last part may not be so bad. If the place I was sent wasn't Ponyville. This freaking town has a monster attack every other day, and everyone here is CRAZY!

HIE Displaced

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It was a nice, peaceful day for Twilight Sparkle. No three headed dogs running amuck. No Rivals out to prove their superiority. Nothing to stress or worry about. Just her and a nice book.
Then a random pony walks in off the street, breaks a couple of her vases, steals a few of her books, and has the gall to ask "Do you know where the boss monster is?"
Then top it off with the fact that the pony just DISSAPEARED right in front of her.
Why couldn't she just have a nice day off?

Holy crap, featured on 4/24/15 !

P.S. am I the only one that finds it odd that Cadence is lumped in with the "side characters" and not the "Princesses" in the character tabs?

P.P.S. I have now had two people asking me what this is a crossover with. I guess I can't fault people for not knowing beforehand.
This story is a crossover with the book Ready Player One, by the author Ernest Cline.

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Deep, pulsing drumming.
The beat of the jungle.
Will the mysteries of the past be brought to light?
Or will Equestria fall to the whim of Jumanji?

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HIE, a Displaced story.
I dont get it. I didn't even wanna go to that stupid convention. I suck around big crowds. Didn't help, what with all the talk of people dressing up in cosplay going missing. I pick up an Escafil cube off some random table to take a look at it, and now I'm stuck in a world of vibrant pony-people?

Holy rusted metal, Batman! Featured on 4/24/15! And again on 8/5/15!...and... again? on 8/6/15?
Thank you guys so much!~

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One to make others thoughts sound loud and clear.

One to see things that will come to be.

One to make all as light as a cloud.

One to illuminate the darkness.

All were thought lost. What will happen when once more they are revealed?
And what will happen to the one who found them?

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The Doctor is old. He's seen many things, both of the past and future.
Everything he's ever seen, he's written down in his little blue book.

The diary of the Time Lord known as The Doctor has been stolen.

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