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Eyes in the Dark

I'm a writer but not normally of FanFic and I'm a certified rescue diver. Hunting and camping are among my favorite past-times while 4x4ing and rock climbing are more current.

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...In review · 12:12am Apr 14th, 2014

Firstly, allow me to say thanks to everyone who has been beating down my figurative door asking... demanding- darn near pleading with me to get my ass-embly in gear and post another chapter of Semper Paratus. Ta-da! No, it's not posted yet so don't go looking. It's on the editor table currently and will be viewable post haste.

Oh, the "thanks to everyone" bit- that's for your patience too! Believe me, I want to write this story (and finish it) as much as you want to read it...

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