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This story is a sequel to Tales From Day Court

Roger has served both Princess Celestia and Princess Luna as their legal advisor and personal legal counsel for a few years now. And he'd figured that he'd seen it all, settling down into a pretty comfortable life until his retirement. But Equestria loves to throw curve balls, and before too long new cases begin landing on his desk, and more peculiar adventures sweep him along. From the threat of renegade changelings to the random goings on in small town Ponyville, join him as he tells some further tales from Day Court.

Chapters (17)
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Hmm... seems like Changelings are about to pop up sometime soon...

Mornington Crescent sounds like an interesting game. I wonder, is it anything like fizzbin? Maybe you can tell me where to find a copy. So I'm masochistic. Doesn't mean I hurt myself...

Just imagine the fun you can have when its Them thats paranoid.

Spell my name with an S. :pinkiecrazy:

At least Rodger doesnt ahve to worry too much about a suprise tornado warning in the middle of the show driving occupants crazy. :derpytongue2:

Clearly he was being watched by Thorax.

Starlight getting let off? I don't really see it like that. They have people always near her or warching her, and are making her form social bonds that woukd prove an obstacle to her backsliding. Now Shadow Tempest definetly got let off without any punishment, they gave her a "task" but essentially just sent her outside the borders of the country without any oversight.

When I first met her, she was rude, egotistical, and just a touch mad. In particular, she had a rather vindictive vendetta against one Twilight Sparkle, who she views as something of a rival. However, after just over twelve months inside, she had reformed rather well. For one thing, when I met up with her, she was referring to herself in the first person, rather than the third. Trixie this and Trixie that got rather tiring after the first five minutes.

Actually her vendetta is justified, just not against Twilight. Its the rest of the Mane 6 and Ponyville in general at fault, they heckled her for making a living, destroyed her home, brought a monster into town, and ruined her career by blaming her for everything they did. Also the colts responsible for the Ursa (who everyone KNEW were responsible) got off with nothing.

And her doing an apology to Ponyville just seems... stupid. They hated her from the moment she showed up, and their only reason for it was that they already had a unicorn (Twilight) in town that was an expeft in magic. And her boasting is entirely reasonable given she has to advertise and hype up the crowd. Really the only one in ponyville who shoukd be apologized to is Twilight, because she's the only one who DIDN'T contribute it it, actually attempting (and failing) to get her firends to leave Trixie alone. Really the episode was about her trying to make a living only to have her reputation destroyed and made out to be the villian.

Gilda is a similar example. Even if she had obvious flaws she wasn't the one at fault, Pinkie antagonized her and eventually drove RD and her apart, making herself out to be thw good guy when she knew full well she had sabotaged a relationship out if jealousy. Gilda's "redemption" was even more bullshit given RD and Pinkie go waltzing in like its no big deal and pretend everything is fine qhen the two of them don't give a shit about what they did wrong and are never repentant for it.

Yeah. I'm pretty damn salty about it.

9674753 Don't worry, I have plans to at least get some retribution against that little turncoat. But I'd wager that the Tree is watching her still, or possibly Luna.

9674838 Yeah, i'm with you on Trixie. Apart from being a bit of a show off, she wasn't really that bad. She certainly didn't cause half of the chaos she got blamed for. The whole amulet thing I put down to its corrupting influence more than anything else. As of this season though, she certainly seems to have come a long way and evolved as a character. Plus she seems to have got her career back on track too. the one good thing about ponies is they can be remarkably forgiving. Nopony in Ponyville seems to mind when Trixie drops by as far as we can see.

Gilda on the other hand...I get how Pinkie was annoying and encroaching on her time with Dash, but there were plenty of better ways to deal with it than by being a jerk. And I'm sorry, but she yelled at Fluttershy and nearly made her cry. That's a damn near capital offence. :trollestia:

Both storylines I more or less put down to Season 1 randomness and the show finding its feet before it grew the beard in Season 2.

Considering the portions Zesty considered proper I think she was skin and bones. We never really saw the rest of her body with that coat draped over her body

I believe Zesty is what happens when Zebrican beauty products are self administered by someone with a mental disorder. Well, I say beauty products. That arrowroot tree frog definitely has beautiful colours. :duck:

I wonder, given a Trottingham Pub in Canterlot, if Discord might do a little present for Roger. An celibratory anniversary say. Guinuine Hollands Steak And Kidney Pie, to go with Mushy Peas, Chips and Gravy.

Then again, in Britain, Curry and Chips has overtaken Fish and Chips?

Ah Ramsey, never change!
(Did you know he actually did a hot wings challenge? He just couldn't take the heat. And yes, I realize I inadvertantly made a pun)

This was a nice chapter and I liked the reference to Ratatouille since I have seen that movie.

Hell, I wouldn’t trust him to run a bath, never mind the Realm of Equestria.

I wouldn't trust him to run Bath either.
Then again, he'd do a mite better than whoever's in charge at the moment, even with the way he's portrayed here.

Oh - you mean as in running a bath that you clean yourself in. I getcha now.

“You were right,” he agreed, still tucking into his meal. “Finally, some good bucking food.”

Is that a memer I spy? I see you are a man of culture as well.

Finally caught up. Can't wait for more!

I hope you're joking there, because that's something else about it that irks me. Some people use that (or nothing at all) as justification that Gilda is a villian with no sympathetic qualities, and has no justification or validity, and that she doesn't deserve nice things. This doesn't really make sense given that far worse individuals have been given their chance at reconciliation in canon.

9688713 Yeah, I was. Gilda was a bit brusque perhaps, but so are most griffons, so I'd hardly call that a character flaw, particularly when we see where she came from. If I were in Pinkie's horseshoes, I'd have just figured Gilda and Dash had a different friendship dynamic that I shouldn't try to force my way between the two. I might be a bit resentful toward Gilda, but I'd still deal with it. And I'd probably be far less irked when I learned why she was the way she was. If they can tolerate a reality bending sociopath who throws tantrums when he doesn't get his way, and cult leader who is now in charge of the mental well-being of young children (seriously, what the hell is up with Starlight, of all ponies, being a counsellor. That's like putting a shark in charge of a swimming pool) then I think they should have been able to deal with Gilda better than they did. But like I said, I chalk it up to early show whackiness.

Its the Wacky Races. :scootangel:

Id be no good at such a race, I used to easily hit flat out running from the stops pushing a loaded wheelchair, and only slightly longer to get up to speed in the mobility scooter drag. I think the hardest I ever did was help my Uncle get his 3 ton van up to jogging speed so he could jump start its diesel engine.

Making a speed cart reminds me of that video of someone using a coring drill and lathe to turn wooden spheres. Use them as ball bearings? but might as well just use roller bearings, simple turned cylinder, for cart wheels?

And as Im typing this, the stream is playing the 50s classic, Beep, Beep. :rainbowwild:

I had a feeling you'd reference BlackAdder sometime soon, lol

And here I am missing all the references. Also, you missed the obvious chance to make an Initial D reference.

Good luck Roger I think Tia might have a little more experience

Time to leave birthday cards with pictures of Fruitcake on them?.. Or, is that not for another ten levels of escalation or so?:twilightoops:

Margaret is the only one here that wasn't plain stupid. RD isn't going to stop from that, she's just going to use it as justification to keep going.

If you really wanted to get back at her, just ask Discord to continually have water ballons hit her from various places all day (without harm, or course). Relentlessly. Then explain to her that's what its like being on the recieving end, ect. Or you know, just tell her that its to the point of being anti-funny and plain mean, so if she doesn't stop she'll actually be in legal trouble.

As Bugs Bunny puts it, "Of course you know this means WAR!"

Excellent chapter, Blade Star. I would say more, but I can't. stop. LAUGHING!

Personally I think the description of Rainbow's character and the thing with all those pranks are only accurate for one episode which is the problem with that episode. Roger should try to think of a way to avoid Discord joining in since he assumes that he's automatically invited to every prank war in the universe.

The only slight bump in the road, was when the xenomorph herself, Zesty Gourmand, dropped in to visit. Having twice snubbed the restaurant as not meeting her exacting standards, she was appalled to see the place doing well. Rarity initially tried to be diplomatic, making the fatal mistake of thinking that Zesty might respond to logical reasoning and rational thought.


I was making my way past Sugarcube Corner when I first felt that I was being watched. Pinkie Pie does this; she ambushes you. You won’t see anything, and then all of a sudden, there’ll be a pair of baby blue eyes and a massive smile in front of your face, like some extremely happy facehugger from the Alien movies. And that’s precisely what happened. I all but jumped out of my skin.

Second reference to Alien here.

Nicely done!
As for our Pledge of allegiance, yeah I can understand why it would creep you out.
As an American, (or in your case, a Yank) it's... caused quite a bit of trouble on our end of things. Probably needs a bit of a tune up in my opinion.

I have to agree, I’m a teacher in Texas and each day it’s both the pledge of allegiance and the Texas pledge. I’m all for patriotism (I served a decade in the Navy) but it’s not something you force or beat someone over the head with.

9719337 9719871 I've always had the belief that if you have to ask a man if you have his loyalty, you should know you don't. Loyalty is a selfless trust that can't be bought or bartered for. Don't get me wrong, you have pledges here in the UK; when you become a citizen, joining the police or armed forces, etc. It just creeps me out watching kids do it, and the screwed up social repercussions that follow if they don't. Why is it a nation that believes in personal freedoms also compels undying loyalty to the state? :derpytongue2:

Honestly? I don't know. Maybe somewhere along the line our morals became so warped that we thought that pledging our loyalty to the state was better than just pledging our loyalty to the country.

I actually hate what the U.S.A. is starting to become. If the founding fathers saw what the country they fought to make independent as it is now, they'd be spinning in their graves. On the one hand, they would be proud that we have come so far, but for the most part they would be shocked at how bad things have gotten.

Good thing Roger doesnt have the latest newspapers. He could put up a whole bunch of headlines, arrange them, and effectively come up with the Declaration Of Independance.

Life Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness?

Sounds like the life of a pampered pet, looked after by a kind and knowledgable Superior.

Why do people hate children? Because they dont want to be second class obsoletes. Which is why robots are so abused.

They are our evolutionary children.

They get to choose our nursing home.:trixieshiftright:

Beats the hell out of me

And so my pleasant afternoon off turned into a spot of the old standby; ‘volunteer’ work.

"Volunteer work". Heh. He got voluntold. Got to do plenty of that in the Army.

You’re LATE again!

Wait, this updates every Sunday, not every Friday...

Damnit! That’s a neck!

9728577 Yeah, I'm working Friday's now. I try to post around the same time though; about 8pm GMT on Sunday.

I liked the whole Han Solo setup for his character. Good stuff.

9731102 Just remember; Roger shot first. :trollestia:

Tell Blade I’ve got his money.


Its just a pity that Rodgers character didnt have a semi legally aquired moonshine cart parked outside that had something like a Storm King yeti hauling it who had a a curse of being able to run real fast for a short duration, but needed kicking in a certain way whilst in motion to trigger it?

Discord loosing the Cuisinart off the back of the wagon. :pinkiehappy:

So much fun. I take it going fishing in Lunas bay would get them banned due to the use of Pineapples? :trixieshiftright:

Given you only touched on the roleplaying part without trying to implement the rules in the story it was a VERY accurate representation.

Though their relationship bugs me, that Discord can always get away with shit and suffer no real consequences. And I don't mean his usual weird stuff. That him and Rodgers are even friends at all is hard to believe.

This was quite a nice chapter and it reminds me a bit of Ponies adn Dragons (just have fun) which is a round robin about all characters playing tabletop games.

🎶I've got the feeling
Somebuggy's watching me🎶


9743861 Blame the Welsh Government and their refusal to upgrade to me fibre optic broadband. :flutterrage: Had tech issues last night. Publishing now.

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