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Sombra has been defeated, wholly and utterly. His forces broken, his last redoubt falls. But Celestia shows him mercy. Instead of Tartarus, or the cold Void, she exiles Sombra to a remote island off Equestria's coast. Given the empty title of king of this small swath of land, he now spends his days looking back on his former glory. This is just one of those days.

Inspired by Napoleon's exile to St. Helena.

Written to celebrate 200 followers.

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Well this is a coincidence...I just watched a YT video about Napoleon. :pinkiegasp: Are you spying on me? :rainbowhuh:

9102138 I follow the motto of the air force's U2 squadron. 'In God we trust, all others we monitor'. :trollestia:

I see. Better get a laptop and a tinfoil hat then so that I can keep writing from the closet. :derpytongue2: A nice oneshot.

I've always liked Sombra as a villain, so I wanted to have another crack at writing him too. Laugh if you must, but to me, he is still one of the most interesting and underrated villains of the show.

He really is! And I do really enjoy this story. I'm glad I stumbled across it. First person on this site is a treat, but first person Sombra? That's just fantastic. I really enjoyed how you gave him a unique voice and commentary, too. He feels like a character, and that's not something I can say most bother to give him.

Thanks for writing and sharing this story!

Good story, I quite liked the ending line. There were a couple of spelling mistakes and a couple of omitted words, but otherwise it was competently written.

I think a followup with Celestia and/or the other princesses visiting Sombra on his deathbed could be interesting, but might just be redundant instead.

France, l'armée, tête d'armée, Joséphine

Haven't even read this yet. I just saw the short description and thought, "Napoleon? Is that you?" Glad to see it actually is a reference to that.

9102178 The problem with Sombra is that he got so little screen time, so we never really got to see his motivations. Conversely, that gives a writer plenty of choices when it comes to writing him. He can be anything from a shrewd plotting schemer, like here, or a hammy cackling lunatic like the Storm King (who if you ask me is just a poor ripoff of Sombra, Discord and Tirek all smashed together), or something in between. I'm glad you liked my interpretation in any case.

9102814 I've just done a spot of housekeeping and I think I've got all the little errors. As for a followup, as you said, I think it would be redundant. The point of the story is to leave Sombra, who has quite the ego, with no choice to face up to and accept his slow decline into obscurity. To have the princesses come visit him would just go against that.

I wouldn't say that that's the issue so much as people's unwillingness to work with him. In a fandom that loves background ponies and details, Sombra actually has more to offer than most, and a great sense of mystery that allows you to write him in so many ways. (I've certainly enjoyed writing him, and quite frequently.) He's a wonderfully niche character and has many fantastic stories about him, but being niche because most people don't give him the chance is what allows him to be so underrated and under-noticed. When he is, there's no telling if his portrayal will have any depth or diversity, and it can be a bit of a gamble. This means I'm also head-pressed to find any good Sombra stuff, but this was a nice piece. I hope you write some more Sombra stories.

9103673 I'll tell you a great, albeit unfinished Sombra story to check out; Sweetie's Shadow. It's one of the best Sombra stories on here, even if it looks to be abandoned now. And...erm...you can always take a look at my own Tales From Day Court for a quick Sombra fix. :unsuresweetie:

Perhaps I shall! I’ve already gone through most stories with him. Or at least a lot.

History was not written by the victors

a vary impressive story i love it.
i am a bit of a history buff WWII Korea Vietnam but some ware along the line 30+ years ago i stumbled across that had Napoleon's exile to St. Helena in it and i found it vary inserting and sad at the same time.

Sombra needs more story's focused on him.

if any one is interested and have / has the time Sombra is in the original five score divided buy four story.
in short he is a vary changed pony and at the end of the story is mayor of i think Chicago.

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