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This story is being rewritten. If you're new to this one, I recommend starting reading the rewrite instead – click here.

Metal-loving human ends up in Equestria as an alicorn colt, and it so happens that there is no music of metal there. He's not fine with it.

He has to adjust to his new life... And make a plan of how to bring metal to Equestria, even if it means waiting years through his second childhood. He will have to adjust to the new world, new culture, new society. His views will be tested, his opinions will be changed. One way or another, he will have to adapt to the new and strange world.

Nevertheless, metal will be brought to Equestria and for all the world to see!

This story tackles such things as religion, relationships, and sex. The view of Equestria presented in this story is different from what most people expect.

Cover art and the portrait of the character done by a wonderful person. You should check him out on Google+
Editing of some chapters was done by DashItAll

Spoilers in the comments. Beware!
The story was inspired by one of my friends, who happens to be a metalhead and music lover.
The story starts at the first episode of the first season.
If you don't like stories about OC alicorns, please consider reading it, I promise not do disappoint. Well, at least not too much.
Constructive criticism welcome.

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Featured on 11.02.2017. Also, it might've been featured earlier, but I didn't keep track back then.
Reached 666 comments. What's more metal than that?
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*sees title*


*sees comedy tag*


*reads description*


*looks at user pages and sees that you are rather articulate and not one of those silly alicorns OC writers*




Have a like and a favorite. This is a thing.




Well, ideas just appear in my head, and I write them. I am really random sometimes.

my porn is full of ponies

:rainbowlaugh:too funny.


This alone is worth a "Get out of execution ticket." so... here you go {hand a ticket to Snorting Gentleman.]

Good story but a lot of grammar errors example: Putting out the smartphone out of my pocket,
I pulled out my smartphone from out of my pocket



Thanks, I'll try to fix everything. English's not my native language, but I'm trying to do my best.

A bit rushed and could use some more fleshed out details, but otherwise quite enjoyable story so far.

Moar mor and more

This has lots of potential. I hope to see more.

Not much appears to have changed, but they do seem to live underwater

Well, NMM just killed a child :rainbowderp:

Great work, I always put the flaws dust do this is the best competent I can give you

Ah yes, ponys' ultimate weakness, their herd mentality

I like the potential of this story, hope you continue.

I know you have been concentrating on "Nightmare: Rise of the Demons" lately but now that you say you are taking a break with that one, is there any chance of this story being updated?

I know this kind of questions can be irritating but I see some real potential with this and hope that you'll continue it.



I am still in a writer's block about this story. I've got about a thousand words, but I just can't finish the chapter. However, it will be soon enough.

God damnit, he was so heavy!

I think you meant she :twilightblush:

:pinkiegasp: New update? Damn, it really have been that long? It feel like a year to me xD.

P.S. Damn, I really want to ship him and Moonshine! :rainbowkiss:

P.S.S. Continue being pretty damn good story :yay:

Top Shelf, can't wait for the next chapter.

Well it does have the sex tag and they do live together now #likefedex
Alhough I'm wondering how preening works in this world, he doesnt exactly take care of those wings at the moment.
Every time they're mentioned so far they are either uncomfortable or irritated, is this problem going to get worse as the story progresses?

Bout time i saw another chapter, keep it up dude

choc with nuts? you have a good taste

Beautiful as always nice chapter

My tsunder sences are tingling :rainbowkiss:

Simply fantastic as usual, you keep me entertained with your writing style. That's something that is hard to accomplish.
Great job, I shall await the next chapter.

It is only a matter of time before there will be a feather left on the ground and the jig will be up. But when?

Yay update and let the shipping commence!!

Wonder whats going to happen to him from now on.

Incredibly interesting my good friend!
I'll be waiting for the next chapter to arrive.

Oh, the trip to the dentist is going to be interesting...:pinkiecrazy:

My metal collection grows stronger, can't wait for him to meet twilight and see science vs magic in action.

CURSE YOU, NIGHTMARE MOON! CURSE YOUUUUUUU!!!! (All of your porns are belong to us.)

Well, this was a short chapter... Doesn't matter, I guess, and it should tide me over to the next chapter...

Makes sense he would go to canterlot to pursue better education ponyville is meant to be a small settlement and there's only the schoolhouse there.

Rather short chapter, and i got the end really fast on this one, great work!

I wonder if he's gonna meet Gummy...

Eh for a moment I thought he might pull it of.
Pity Nightmare follows the old adage:
"When in doubt, blast it into smithereens!"

"Silly filly, you have! I bought it just for you!" the hyperactive mare replied, bringing lots of stuff from out of my vision. Just how does she do it, I want to do that!

You and everyone else in the fanon. :pinkiecrazy:

... moral of the story, watch what you are reading where so you don't get into.... those situations

I'm just glad that he already had something to do with music, otherwise I wouldn't like it that they are always good at singing and stuff like that. It just happens to often, but in his chase it's okay.

I'm not going to look into the porn folder.

At one point I think someone else is going to see it and he probably has a problem and some explaining to do.

I haven't noticed that was already nearly the last chapter for now, and the next one ist rather short...

Well it is a nice story so far, and it'S rare that a he didn't had much to do with Twilight or the other Cutie Mark Crussaiders, however I sort of hope to see him having a more or less normal School life now, not sure if you just want him to be grown up, but if there are going to be any important relationships that he is going to get, I would like to see it, not just being suddenly there because of a timeskip.

Awkward. Stupid me, I should've read this book at the library.

well and I didn't knew that he wasn't there anymore.

I like how akward Moonshine seems to be, and how well unusual he himself is.
I'm never really sure when I can ask for something like that, and when it can't be done without it, but I think I only want to see everything if this is going to be some sort of romantic relationship, maybe a bit slow paced, and no sudden change of personality or something like that please.

Well since the other chapters where longer, this was somehow a bit dissapointing. Well nice story anyway.

But there's just one thing that is out of place... I just feel it but can't see it yet.

forgot to put his hoodie on, his wings are exposed

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