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Let's go on an adventure!


This story is a sequel to The Age of Wings and Steel

Tyria Metrel, an ensign assigned to the Equestrian embassy in the island city of Zyre, has her hooves full dealing with pirates and bad-tempered politicians. On top of that, a new ambassador named Rye Strudel has arrived on a mission from Princess Celestia, and he might well be the strangest pony she's ever met. Ambassador Strudel is a pegacorn, one of the rare crossbreeds unable to fly or do magic, but Tyria soon learns that his disabilities don't prevent the ambassador from getting himself into deep trouble.

Rye's cheerful curiosity and drive begin to stir up feelings Tyria thought she'd given up on—when he's not making her tear her mane out in frustration. After the two of them stumble upon a treasonous plot to seize control of Zyre, they'll have to work together to foil an old enemy, save the city, and maybe even find love along the way...

... provided they don't drive each other crazy, first.

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Rye as a sailor? Okay, lets roll.


Reminds me of an unexpected perk of being the youngest. No pressure giving my parents grandkids! They already have 3, and I can play the role of the sage and goofy uncle.

Oh snap, sequel. I'm gona enjoy this. :eeyup:

Excellent chapter, as always :twilightsmile:

I can't wait to see where this story is going!

More people need to read this.

It's still pretty slow. I'll start adding it to groups when it picks up in a chapter or so. Not too worried, the last one didn't get fifty likes until about 8 months after publication.

Um...So Rye's kind of a massive entitled prick this entire chapter. Is that intentional? Because I really like Rye but this whole chapter he's such a jerk I really found it distressing if this is how he's going to continue.

You might want to put an extra chapter on the age of steel and wings to help direct your fans to this story. It's starting to get good now that the plot is surfacing. I always feel bittersweet after I remember that this fic doesn't have nearly enough readers. :applecry:

Did you have Rye muse over Tyria name after you chose her name, or did you pick so he could muse?

To be honest, I kinda pulled her name out of nowhere when I was brainstorming. Oh, and in case it's unclear, her last name is pronounced mehTREL.

You're probably right, but I still think it's a shame that two of the, in my opinion, best stories on this site have as little publicity as they do. If I had any sort of influence on the readerbase of this site I would promote the hell out of your stories!

Unfortunately I don't, so I'll stick with recommending Rye's adventures to my friends :twilightsmile:

The term 'Wingpony' is extremely appropriate here.

The intrigue thickens! All-around great premise and solid story-telling.

Wait? Windstreak is only twenty years old?
What's the average lifespan of the ponies in your universe? Fourty, fifty years?
This also begs the question of what age does a pony grow from a foal to a filly/colt, and from a filly/colt to a mare/stallion. Is a mare/stallion only an adolescent at first, or a full grown adult?

Since this is about the fifth or sixth time someone's asked, I'll just give y'all a brief chart:

Average Lifespan: 30-35 yr
Infancy: 0-1 yr
Childhood: 1-3 yr
Adolescence: 3-6 yr (physically mature at 5 yr)
Adulthood: 7 yr

And from there the age boundaries are hazier than for humans. 20 would be considered middle-aged. 40 is long-lived, 45 is uncommon, and 50 is almost unheard of.

Wheatie is goimg to have such fun when he finds out where Rye spent the night. :pinkiesmile:

Thank you for another great chapter :twilightsmile:

Wow....he's taking advantage of her almost getting killed to snoop through her stuff and feel no guilt....When did Rye become so sleazy? :fluttercry:

Just want to say thanks for the both stories!
I read the first story yesterday. Well... technically yesterday - I made terrible mistake on Thursday evening - I thought that I could read 'The Age of Wings and Steel' for half an hour before sleep.
When I finished the book it was 8 in the morning :)
And while your custom ponies lifespan drives me crazy - the stories are amazing :twilightsmile:
Thank you for sharing them with us !

Snoop through her stuff? Huh?


“Okay.” Despite the sweat and the fear, Rye felt a sudden giddy delight that he was going to get to see Tyria’s house—and her paintings. He really was curious about them.

I just feel like he's become very oblivious to the feelings of others and it really grates since he came across as fairly perceptive in the previous story. As well he seems really good at reading subtle body language and cues when he's doing his diplomat thing. I get that the meeting is much more controlled area but he still comes across as really unfair to Tyria.

Well, that's... not the vibe I'm trying to give off. Hopefully once they get kicked around a bit you'll like him better.

Whoa what the, my name turned gold. Cool beans, do I get a cookie?
Edit: It's still March 31st, you silly brit.

I am digging this, most excellent. One of my own mind being turned on its end was when Inger ended up with Cranberry, instead of Rye in Wings and this is resolving that in a most satisfying manner. Like an unexpected blueberry in the alfalfa, to try and attempt a pony idiom that I just made up :trollestia:.

I really like how this is developing. How they're both coming to terms with it, and dealing with it.

He wasn’t sure why he cared what his bodyguard thought.
Because you’re falling in love with her, you idiot.
Rye froze, and stared at the eggs. “Oh.” He blinked. “Hell.”

I loved that bit. This is starting to be on the same writing level as Xenophilia.

Well...isn't this turning out interesting. On one level, I'm wondering if Rye's concern about his status as a pegacorn is overblown, considering that he seems to be scoring major points with his "Stallion of the World" personality. But then, I remember how much being a pegacorn counted against him in the last book, to the point of him basically being written out of his own story by historians (the sheer injustice of that still makes me go all :fluttercry:). So I guess there's a pretty good chance that Rye's concerns about being a pegacorn are on the money.

and they where met at the dock by a group of visiting nord ponies :pinkiehappy:

great chapter


I imagine some Nord ponies griping about the heat, then suddenly, "That is the former Hammer-Bearer!" and then it is on like Donkey Kong.

Wheatie looked at the two of them with a strange, bemused expression

I think "amused" would fit better. bemused means confused, or nonplussed. unless you were going for confused and i'm just being foolish.

you know
it occurs to me these pirates are very very VERY stupid. up tell now diplomatic politness has kept celestia out of zebra waters. do they actualy pose a threat to the equestrian armada? laughibly no. now these pirates are holding a equestrian war hero, they kill him and they wake up to the entire muscle of the equestrian navy consequences be damned. and with the celestia on the flagship.

oh and don't forget the nordponies.

2510423 Zebras actually have a bigger navy fleet ^^

BTW A fucking yay for the upate! It has almost been a month! Hope you update again soon :D

I'm going to call it now, Viridian is Thane Breyr from Wings. ''Life will destroy you to, Equestrian. Remember me.''
''Rye doubted he would ever see him again.'' Its just begging to happen.

I'm currently thinking of possibilities for who Viridian can be. I have come to the conclusion that I have absolutely no idea.

Great chapter.

I think I know what gryphon powder is. It could be two things.


My thought was "narcotics" or "ingredient to bomb or alchemical agent of war". :pinkiesmile:

Keep up the good work :derpytongue2:

well now if this doesn't make things worse. now if he does take over gunpowerder or not he isn't going to be able to amass the numbers he needs to beat both celestia and the full strength of the nods.

Cave Story music fits so many things!

Very nice. I like the Wheatie-Zanaya team-up. Most excellent! :raritywink:

Cant Wait For 12.. Thanks for updating very quickly also :derpytongue2:

Viridian, thats low, even for you.

Poor Rye :fluttercry:

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