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Sometimes you can find unicorn even by just browsing 'Net · 9:45pm Last Friday

Like this, for example.

A lot of concern about current world.. I think this world still deserves ... action-able concern.

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"On education" (repost) · 12:52pm June 7th

I found this theme resonating...


Moreover, through this educational system where every child is judged by these dominant group standards, we are training our children to aspire to be like that dominant group, to want to join that group, to believe that they are less worthy or even worthless if they are not members of that group — when almost nobody ever joins that group!


For those who do not read Facebook.... · 2:20pm May 10th


I Acknowledge Psychedelic Class Warfare Exists
23 hrs ·

Any significant political change at this point will be built on solidarity or not at all.

In the US and probably elsewhere, Electoralism can't save us for a host of structural reasons.

Which means the only way we're going to navigate the next 10 or 20 years of troubles is to organize with each other. It doesn't matter what form that will take, it'll need to grow out of established trust relationships.

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Ponies, in space! (actually not, just frame) · 7:40am February 7th

So, I was watching

Renegade Cut, review of 'Shape of water'

at 8:18 ....

Minor additional thinking:
Quite a lot of 'bad things' obviously NOT safely contained in past times ...

Also, because film points back into 1960x it probably worth saying there was and still ongoing some real story around dolphins ..and other non-human beings.
"The Girl Who Talked To Dolphins"
hm, it was on youtube ....

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Something remotely positive from 2021! · 8:46am February 5th



Thursday, February 4, 2021
Never again a dolphinarium in Belgium!

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My friend Julian streamed some of dolphin-related research live ... · 4:37am January 8th

oh, more than hour long.

Links studied and used as jump-points to further research:

Biological Borderlands: Ant Farm's Zoopolitics

Sex, Drugs, Rock and Roll, Cars, Dolphins, and Architecture - sorry, this one seems to be SFW from what I can see.


Spend a night reading blog .... · 2:50pm January 6th

Some heavy philosophy!
Symptomatic Commentary

Not sure if any of this will be useful for anyone, but I still think reading a tiny bit better than drinking alcohol.

Additionally there was post from same person who shared link to blog above:

Political predictions

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Also, there is subreddit called r/wildhorses · 6:37pm January 4th

for some reason it has hardly more than 500 (human) members .....

Guess this 'little problem' exist mostly in shadows ... I mean all this , um, 'management'. Like (headline) "Feds’ Utah horse sterilizations draw two lawsuits alleging inhumane treatment"


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I got a dream ... · 4:15pm January 4th

Where my dog Grey (!) somewhat was alive, and walking around with even bigger tail, waiving it in air. His fur coat definitely was not prefect, like he spend a lot of time making his way via some trashland. Couple (humans) from far end of our corridor were also present, and I voiced to them how much much I surprised because I was sure my dog is dead. We hugged with husband. He asked if I was catching horses previously (looking at some photo poster on the wall). I said no, I just

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My dog Grey died today · 11:32am Dec 20th, 2020

..due to unrecoverable cancer-related medical problems. More accurately, he was euthanasied via injection. I tried to avoid such outcome, but guess there was not much available for me (low income, single) to do in such case ..... Cancer was unoperable anyway, there was very bleak chance to live on painkillers for some more time, but ..I was simply not up to this task. As long as he was able to walk even slowly on his own - I tried to clean up all those skin problems he developed last year. But

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