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Twilight finds a peach lying on the ground and, being the curious little horse she is, takes it home for immediate consumption. Unfortunately, she has a runny nose, and tastes a little somethin' else a-drippity-drippin'.

This is SNOT your average peach stories.

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The intense amounts of autism that Peach fics create continues to astound me.

10/10 It's okay.

3656631What's with all the peaches.:ajbemused:I left for a few days and all of sudden everyone's writing about peaches. I can't leave you guys alone at all.

I have no idea, I don't keep up-to-date on brony stuff. I just wrote this to make fun of all the other Peach stories that I keep seeing.

3656675I see. Well, I have to figure out what's going on before it's too late. Before you know it, this will become PeachFiction.net. I guarantee it.

Some dumb admin did a dumb thing and now there's peaches everywhere.

Beautiful. 16/10 would fap again.

You stole my title, but I like this anyways.

I was gonna name it some really obnoxious snot pun, but I was too tired to think of anything good :<

3656705Oh God...what did they do this time?

Author Interviewer

I can't believe I read this whole thing.

Believe it!
It's only 3,400 words long...

Author Interviewer

Also saliva doesn't come from the tongue, you hack >:(((((

Of course it does. The tongue is filled with saliva, and it squeezes it out like a sponge. Everybody knows that.

Author Interviewer

I am sorry I have learned a science please forgive me for my ingorace :(

Just don't let it happen again...

You implicitly promised ingestion of peaches by a certain Twilight Sparkle. Your failure to follow through on that upsets me greatly. I am disappointed. :fluttershysad:

In the end, Twilight found something much better than peaches to shove down her stupid throat. What a twist!

3659417 So light is a type of molecule like what your story says? Wow I learned something cool! Photons arn't real I guess.

3656675 I didn't notice the peach stories until now, mostly because I'm getting bored of this place. I have 411 un-read chapters in my favorite stories box...I blame YouTube and Netflix.

3695436 Never mind I wasn't judging from the comments

I don't know, I just make up random facts as I go along :P

Yeah, same here.

Why does it have so many dislikes? This story is 5/5

I guess people don't like eating boogers...

4217326 Silly people. Boogers are good.

This is fantastic.

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