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Good Christian Ethesto

I have a lot of friends and I make a lot of money, my rhymes are so sweet 'cuz I dip 'em in honey.



This story is a sequel to Cutie Markless

Twilight needs some work done on her house, and doesn't want to waste money on an interior designer.

Good times for the whole family.

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It's "Aliza"? Holy shit, I always thought it was "Elisa". I've been living a lie.

Lazy_ #2 · Apr 14th, 2015 · · 3 ·

Having trouble finding a concept to write? Don't worry, just copy the show!

I wish i had trouble coming up with story ideas, I have like 90 partially-written stories sitting around that I was too lazy to finish. I thought I could have some fun with this, though.

Spelling names correctly is a waste of time.

Pure poetry.

Ethesto, I love you.

waxing her pet clam

if you catch my driftwood

Wow this is beautiful XD

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