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While exploring the universe and scanning everything for the Evil Galactic Council, Noman stumbles upon Ponyville. Now the world is at stake! Or maybe not. Who knows?

Rated T because I'll probably put an icky fart joke or two in there somewhere.

This is a crossover with that one game that hasn't come out yet.

Chapters (4)
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Comments ( 18 )

I have expected some kind of FanFic for this Game... but not before the game is out^^

6333192 The explains some things...

So, I read your first chapter and I have to say... It's nothing for me. To much dirty jokes for my taste. Sorry.

I will not give a thump down just because It's not my taste of story.

Anything less than ceaseless praise. This story was absolutely incredible.

Twilight Sparkle's eyes lit up, the ball of uranium that composed her frontal lobe giving off a faint glow of excitement as she gazed at her next meal. "Fruit bats, my favorite!" she screeched as she began tearing the small, fruit mammals to shreds with her incisors.

It was at this point that Rainbow Dash burst her way through the kitchen window, shards of glass bouncing harmlessly from the ponies' padded exteriors. "We're Smelly Farts Poopy Butts Twilight and you need to fix it!" she explained.

After reading this part right here, I realized that you obviously didn't read the whole story from beginning to end. If you read a little more deeply into what you were reading, maybe you'd understand. As it is, you're just devoid of the ability to understand what makes this story stand above and beyond all others.

This story is phenomenal, and if you don't see that, you're wrong. :rainbowkiss:

Good, 'cuz I might just write more chapters in the future that are, hopefully, up to par!

Consider yourself the newest owner of my favorite fap story. :raritywink:

This was a multiple orgasm experience. Write more you silly willy.

there is no way in hell Norman is a paladin

This is pure excellence.

Jesus did die for nothing.

Get your ass back here
You are absolutely not done

Not gonna be reading this one. I really don't like toilet humor, sorry.

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