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Good Christian Ethesto

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A choose your own adventure story

When walking in her home, Applejack has a tumble down the stairs. Will she get any ouchies, and how will her friends react?!

Only you can decide! Can you get a good end for our favorite farm horse?

Probably not...

Story featured 7/4/21: Thanks a lot for all the support guys :D

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First end :facehoof:

Wow, what an engaging CYOA Novella. I have been a publisher aat Penguin for forty-seven years and never before have I been delighted by such twists n' turns

please never kill yourself

Thank you for the kind words. I worked really hard on this, so it's fantastic that upstanding, talented individuals like yourself enjoy this story so much. Any chance I can get it published? :raritystarry:

…Well that was a strange experience. R.I.P. Applejack, I suppose.

Anyway, time to go see what I could've done differently.

Well, this certainly has a lot of options. So props to you for releasing a story with over 100 parts no matter how short some of them are. :rainbowderp:

The legend returns.

Np. Your Chris Chan story partially inspired one of my own works.

I'm glad I could be a bad influence on you, but mostly it just feels good that other people can enjoy the unintelligible dribble I produce.
Any specific story it inspired?

It's a Sonic story over on Deviantart. It's currently incomplete.

Comment posted by Dewdrops on the Grass deleted Jul 4th, 2021

That's it, I'm going for all the bad endings now.

I did it! I survived every single ending!

Btw you skipped 38

Bad End: Chapter 38 was intentionally omitted just to spite you :)

This is a good ending? :facehoof:

It's all a matter of perspective.

i SETH Standmore am Very confusion by this story............ the chapter's allseem like there OOC (Out Of Order) and the plot is Very hard to follow. I would recommence that you aquire a Pre Reader or Editor to help you, while the gramer is VERY good and I noticed NO mispelling's WHEAT SO EVER the storys cuntent is too hard to Fellate.

Sincerely Seth Standmore

Thaums #22 · Jul 4th, 2021 · · 2 · 100 ·

bro you gotta hyperlink the choices

Everything is exactly as intended

No way am I going to go through and hyperlink 100+ choices. The readers can suffer for my art.

Anyone else think about this scene? …no?

This is awesome

The other new story

tetanus is a myth don't believe the hype harshtag

In truth, the real cause of death was poor writing.

Damn, this is actually pretty good! Still searching for a good ending :pinkiehappy:

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