• Published 3rd Jul 2021
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Applejack Falls Down the Stairs - CYOA - Good Christian Ethesto

When walking in her home, Applejack has a tumble down the stairs. Will she get any ouchies, and how will her friends react?!

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Perhaps she hit her head during the fall, as Applejack had a compulsion to do something very out of character. "I feel like I should have flushed the toilet," she remarks to herslef and anyone who might be listening. "Perhaps I fell down the stairs because I did not do this today."

This logic is inherently flawed as she never flushes the toilet on any day and her family creed is 'if it's yellow let it mellow, if it's brown leave it to drown'.

Despite this she walks up the stairs and into her room and then into her the bathroom and she pushes the little flush handle on the top front of the toilet and causes it to flush wasting precious water which her family couldn't afford because they're very poor.

Bad End: Applejack wasted water and her family couldn't pay taxes at end of month and were evicted and starved during the winter.
Better try again