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She'd hoped for peace after the war, she just wanted to tend the farm and help her family recover. She wished that a lot of things had never happened the way they did, change her fate and save the lives of her friends if she could, but so rarely does anypony get what they wish for. It was all moot anyway.

When something terrible killed Ponyville, Applejack was its final witness.

This story is a simple collection of a few ideas I wanted to put together and see what worked for me.
I appreciate the story being shared around, commented on, liked, enjoyed, all that jazz. :ajsmug:

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That...cover art is God-tier...

Where in the hell is the military during this. Canterlot is nearby

Oh, a lich-thingey... again... *Alondro just waves a SINGLE LEG HAIR'S WORTH of his awesome power, and the undead horror was UNMADE FROM TIME ITSELF!!* :pinkiegasp:

That's how you God-Mode!! :trollestia:

Was this inspired by anything specific? There's a King and Queen now? What were you aiming for with the war segments? Was this just to explain the guns and such, or to imply the origins of these monsters? I saw a few things that reminded me of Fallout: Equestria, so I was wondering if that is an inspiration of yours.

Really it was only inspired by putting Equestria in a semi-WW1 style world.
I just started writing down ideas I liked was all, it's not the most well-crafted story.

Thanks for the reply! I'm glad you're getting your ideas out into the world regardless, and hope you're having fun writing!

This fiction has gone through my very deepest soul... well done.

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