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Good Christian Ethesto

I have a lot of friends and I make a lot of money, my rhymes are so sweet 'cuz I dip 'em in honey.


Chaz gets the gift of a lifetime, but perhaps it's the last gift he'll ever receive?

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chaz is one lucky motherfuck

For just twelve easy installments of $19.99 you too can get a MLP fanfiction written by me. What a deal!

This story got me hard as a fucking kite.

Where did you find that cover art?

On my hard drive. Someone asked me to make it like a year ago.

"Well," Twilight began her explanation, "remember in between scenes a few seconds ago when I chopped off your leg for part of an experiment? Well I counted the rings and realized it was your birthday."


Have you never figured out your furniture's birthdays before by looking at the rings on the legs?

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