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All things begin with tentacles, and end with tentacles.
This is my belief! At least for now.

Note: Flabbergasted is a sexy cunt. ;)

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How did I even get here. I don't remember joining this group. :trixieshiftright:


Let's just say this group wasn't always about tentacles.

362214 Wow, everyone is an admin?! :rainbowderp: HERESY! :flutterrage:


I guess everyone is admin in this group, but you're the number one admin in my eyes, empress!

360753 Your Empress demands the Admin position to take care of certain details. :pinkiecrazy:

Lol, yea. I can see that.
*Looks at comments.*

Wait... I joined this group? I don't remember... :rainbowhuh:


I like you, so I'm making you a mod. Together we can make this place a tentacle paradise!

359976 do you think this is a game wrath

>Implying you're not.
Nice quads fgt

>implying I'm trying to be funny

Happy #20 · May 1st, 2014 · · 2 ·


I like this new idea.

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