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Good Christian Ethesto

I have a lot of friends and I make a lot of money, my rhymes are so sweet 'cuz I dip 'em in honey.


Christian Weston Chandler, literally the worst human to ever exist, uses the might of his autism to pierce the veil between realities. Now he and his son, Sonichu, the electric-hedgehog-type pokemon, find themselves in Equestria facing an enemy the likes of which has never been seen.
Can these legendary heroes save our beloved ponies? Read and find out you digital dumbey!

A crossover with autism.
Like for Jesus. Favorite for ponies. Dislike/Ignore if you want FIM to be canceled.

If you don't know who/what Christian Weston Chandler and Sonichu are, I envy you, though such knowledge is not required to enjoy this scrumptious story.

Featured 2/4/15
Thanks for helping me reach this story's goal of 100 likes.

Chapters (9)
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Comments ( 104 )

ethesto ;-; you amazing faggot

where is clyde cash
clyde cash is best troll

she swore without even a single interrobang.

get the fuck out of my sight

3158669 so kawaai desu amiright :raritystarry::raritystarry::raritystarry:

And maybe some INDIGESTION. Or some DIARRHEA.

Oh no, is this what I think it is?
Foreshadowing?! :pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp:

I'm dead. Bless you, Ethesto, and your amazing stories.


Shit, dude's got a country on his shirt. Also CWC is soooo 2008.

Maybe a little, though I have no intention of turning this into another 'shit' fic :raritywink:
Aw shucks
CWC is still the coolest person on the internet, and by extension the entire world, if you ask me.

You deserve a medal of honor for this.


Phew, that was close!

Wow, a lot of people want FiM to be cancelled.

Yeah. I thought people here liked the show...

Oh, maybe they've been brainwashed by Chris-Chan.

Oh the Lulz.

There hasn't been any good CWC stuff for a while since Chris-chan got wise to those damn dirty trolls and their leader Clyde Cash.

And speaking of Clyde Cash, will he make an appearance?

I think this may be one of the funniest stories I've read all week based on this one chapter alone. Also for a fic of this type it was remarkably well written with halfway decent grammar and good formatting and syntax. I miss Chris Chan, but I did help in trolling him :twilightsheepish: I once asked him, if his parents were brother and sister.

Oh and you left out the bit where his dad looks and sounds like Burgess Meredith from the Rocky movies.

I lost it and and laughed for about 5 minutes straight at this part:

"A slanderous negrosexual trying to spread lies about me? I'll show him who's boss!" He said in the whiney voice you should associate with his character by now.

Also I was gonna say something about the one sorta typo I saw:

His bulbous torso was (thankfully) covered by his signature red and blue striped polo shirt, stained with sweat and the greece from countless trips to the local fast food restaurants.

I think it's supposed to be grease, because Greece is a country in Europe that makes Gyros which are greasy, but on second thought your version is funny.

Aw, thanks for pointing that out. Despite my best efforts, my spelling is pretty awful at times. Hopefully you'll enjoy future chapters as well :pinkiehappy:

All the lawlz in this story.. :3 Coming from someone with Autism it is pretty entertaining.

Well, this made me laugh hard, but there one thing that bugs me.

This phrase, and, in general, every use of the word "autism" in the story:

Christian Weston Chandler, literally the worst human to ever exist, uses the might of his autism to pierce the veil between realities


I'm afraid that I don't understand the connection. I've done a research on this guy, and he didn't showed any sign of such problem. :unsuresweetie:

Could you please explain this to me ?

Chris refers to himself dozens(probably closer to hundreds) of times as being "high-funtionally autistic"(he's literally the dumbest person I've ever seen, so the "high-functionally" part is debatable) in his many videos as well as in his Wikipedia that he himself wrote. In this case his 'autism' is used jokingly as some sort of power stemming from his massive amounts of stupidity. Me calling him autistic is more or less an offensive way of saying that he's really stupid. Thankfully, I don't particularly care about offending people :pinkiehappy:

i know it's a troll-fic.

but when i saw it...

.... i barf'd

This is beautiful. Please continue. :rainbowwild:

not even filthy camels deserve the punishment of being in spike's company

Sonic sucks donkey dick :eeyup:
Ez bad.

Will Chris-Chan find out who the mysterious shadow is?
Will he ever get laid?
Will Earth Ponies stop being stupid, weak and overall a race of inbred monstrosities?
Find out that the answer is no! Next time, on 'Sonichu and the Autism that Pierced the Heavens!'

^_^ I'm gonna start making those end questions really obnoxious

This is glorious, but I feel the need to point out that CWC is in fact, a master troll.

This is just glorious. The onion Sun bits tickle me in places I havent been tickled in since pre-sunday school.

Good. I plan on mentioning the sunion at every available opportunity so no one forgets it's there :pinkiehappy:

Look at all the fool who don't even praise the sunion

Aw jeez, don't you hate it when that happens?

Upload the missing chapters already, you chapter-hoarding tyrant.

I know you're protecting our sanity by keeping them to yourself, but sanity is overrated anyway.

I actually do have a chapter that's almost complete. I completely forgot about this story after getting a new job and going on a several-month hiatus. Might need to channel my inner autism once again so I can finish this shit up.

4137405 Just don't let it overwhelm you. I'm sure there's plenty of space in the burned - out husk of 14 Branchland Court (now that the fire has reduced the mountains of thrift - store rubbish to ash), but you're still needed here.

... I need some resolution with the sunion.

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