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I have no idea how long I have been running, all I know is my friends and all who I hold dear to me are dead. Snatched away by the hordes of monsters simply known as the Exmortis. Canterlot never stood a chance, the Princesses never stood a chance... so what other option was there but to run from the ever increasing mass?

Oh Spike...I should have been there to protect you...

Trigger Warning: Rated teen for language and occasional descriptions of the aftermath of what conspired in the story, be it minor/moderate gore or disturbing/depressing imagery.

I give credit to the original creator of the Exmortis game trilogy, I will not post a link for obvious reasons but you can search it up at your own risk.

Chapters (4)
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Comments ( 14 )

I love it! More please!

Oh man. To have the Exmortis befall them..............I don't think I would wish on my worst enemy. Hope we get to the bottom of how they got there in the first place.

5202766 Well, we might get some insight if I so wish to be bothered to put it in. Eh screw it, I might as well put it in. Also you might be curious to why I have that "other character" tag, take a wild guess but do put it in spoiler bars please.

Fantastic! Good thing I caught it before heading to bed! :pinkiehappy:

5203271 Glad you enjoyed it thus far.

5202916 Twilight Velvet? It would explain the "V" at the end of the note...

5203288 Well, it's a character from Exmortis.

5203297 I haven't the slightest clue what that is! :pinkiehappy: Mind informing me?

5203329 I can't reveal that. It would spoil the story for those not aquatinted with the material. I aim to please all audiences, wether they know or not I shall put in the lore of Exmortis the longer this story goes on.

5203329 Or just read the rest of the story desc.

Damn it. I ran out of chapters. I need more.

You going to stick with this? Cause in the long run I really want to know who acted as the Medium to open the portal to allow the Exmortis in.

hope you update it soon

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