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You would never expect many things in the League of Legends, especially in a special match known as All Random All Mid. Specifically used as a quicker way to settle disputes between random champions, and a way for summoners to simply blow off steam after failing to get a higher pedestal in the Institute of War. In this, anything goes. A champion could be set up with the most unlikely of allies to destroy a special gem of a magical device called the Nexus, or set up with the most hated of foes to fight alongside. A summoner mishap after such a match had ended sent both teams hurtling through space and time to a world unfamiliar to most of them instead of their respective homelands.

Chapters (10)
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Comments ( 44 )

Braun and Lucian? Sign me up!!!

I needed this in my life

Can I dig it?

Yes. Yes I Can..

Interesting, nice intro. :twilightsmile:

So I take that more members of the League will appear as the opposition then?
Nice work. :twilightsmile:

6855215 But of course, this was an ARAM. So far I have Lissandra, a mystery champion and Trundle as the enemy team in my story.

Will you use Shacko? I can already imagine him and Discord would get along swell.
Or mabbe Yi?

Bring in the Thresh.

You have Lucian, it's only logical.


Ugggg this is getting good!! Can't wait for the next chapter!!

Next episode, the villains appear! :pinkiecrazy:
Nice work.:twilightsmile:

Great so far i vote for Ally: Bard. Enemies: Jhinn and Annie

I vote Malphite for ally and Hecarim and Twitch for the enemies.

I'll vote for Illaoi as an Ally, and Hecarim and Twitch as enemies.

For an ally I would say Warwick and for an enemy I would say Viktor.

For heroes I would love to see Twisted Fate villains perhaps Jhin and Fiddlesticks

Nice chapter.
I would say Bard or Teemo for the last hero.

UGGG TEEMO!! Good chapter btw :)

Oh, dear. Omega Squad Teemo, even.
That's a rough one.

Captain Teemo of the Bandle City Omega Squad at your service!

Nice choice, very nice choice. :trixieshiftright:

Oh damn! Nice to see you still got this... Makes me want to write more on my Ekko story.

... Actually, Veigar would be a terrifying enemy here.
'Press R to explode sun'.... Talk about a Primordial Burst.

7073775 Yep, though sadly he won't be the final villain. I have another few in mind.

7072475 Please do, I rather enjoyed it.

7073884 maybe you can help with ideas?

7073982 Considering the addition of Jhin, perhaps Luna and Celestia would ask for the finest officers Equestria or Runeterra has to offer. Caitlyn or Vi or even both would certainly add some tension for Ekko considering his history with them. Also does Tahm have any role in the story other than being a silver tongued nuiscance?

7074002 He does. In fact, if you look carefully, theres a story named "Absolutions" where Tahm makes a deal with Filthy Rich. Also, there's another thing too that I plan to show later when Tartarus is mentioned


7074254 Noice, btw, my LoL name is Asudruga (Hoping to get it changed to Blitzkronk someday for the Kronk 'Lever pull' joke) on the NA server if you wanna add. My Curse is darkshock1044.

7074837 Mine is FrostRayven. I don't use Curse though

7073882 That's probably for the best. I am curious about who you're thinking about using, though.
(Also you should list the known members of each side in the description so everyone knows what they're getting into.)

Also I go by Okibruez on the NA server, if you wanted to add me.

7074964 Well I have a blog post with a vote if you're curious.

Oh gods Jhin!

“I’m a Yordle,” he replied. “Captain Teemo of the Bandle City Omega Squad at your service!”


That delightful moment before the curtain goes up.

One... Two... Three... Four...

Two... Two... Three... Four...

Three... One... Two... Four...


OHHHHHH SHIIIIIT! This is going to be gooooood. :pinkiehappy:

7279208 Hope is a human delusion.

*Thomas the Tank Engine theme plays*

"I have surpassed all my makers' hopes - and fears." and "CHOO CHOOOOO" are the two lines that summarize that skin perfectly.

And now, the curtain rises...

“I’m a Yordle,” he replied. “Captain Teemo of the Bandle City Omega Squad at your service!”


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