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Serving his leader is his life, to betray that would mean him giving up his spark. Willingly or not. His leader just so happens to mention an energon signature in the Andromeda Galaxy, something that only he could reach with his massive energon supply. Unfortunately for him that supply runs a little low, leaving him at the mercy of the gravity of the planet he was meant to conquer in the name of the mighty Megatron. He was not going to let a minor setback such as this keep him from his orders, no, it was never going to stop the mighty Tidal Wave.

Rated teen for violence and language

Chapters (5)
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a mix of overall awesomeness

This is just another generic crossover with barely over the word count limit. I'll probably get a ton of rage from other people for saying that, but it's the truth. The only difference between this and Air Superiority is that Air Superiority was also an HAV, and also the author was a talking anus.

4890330 I was simply bored and wanted to write something do to with the destruction of Equestria.


So did Obselescence and RainbowBob, and they churn out more original stuff on a daily basis


I doubt it but okay :heart: Let's just make sure we're all friends at the end of the day. ^_^

Comment posted by the parasprite deleted Aug 22nd, 2014

It's been a while since I played this game.

4894405 Sorry for sounding arrogant but so far my fics have been minor successes so I doubt I would disappoint. But out of curiosity, what makes you think it would disappoint?

4895283 Most stories have broken my faith in stories that start out like this: Awesome beginning but refusing to update for over a year.:applejackunsure:

I can only hope that you will update this frequently.:twilightsmile:

4895582 I'll be honest, I might not for a while. My current attention is set on Kurai the Forsaken : Rise of The Abyss. So in the meantime, enjoy that. :pinkiehappy:

Why do the Cons seem to get plots that involve turning ponies in energon slushies? That just sounds like where this is going.

4897534 Well, more like they would be harvested like cattle through their horns (if unicorn), wings (if pegasus), body (if earth) and all together if alicorn.

Sweet, you did not dissapoint at all.:twistnerd:
I like this pace of putting out chapters, would you mind keeping it like this?:duck:

4900377 I'll try. Also plothole I accidentally made. The desc clearly states only Tidal Wave could make it yet Megatron sends over Starscream in chapter 1. :twilightsheepish: I better plug it up in chapter 2.

I hope you know what you are doing with turning Starscream into a pony, he is by far the most ponified out of all Transformers.:unsuresweetie:
The rest pleases me.:twistnerd:

4903962 Well in order for him to be more inconspicuous I had no other choice. Besides we all know that Armada Starscream is the more, how should we say, redeemable of the bunch. I mean if you take a look at his history it is really depressing to how he forgot who he really was, that he once knew what kindness and what having friends meant. Only for Megatron to literally beat it out of him.

I probably should have mentioned that Armada Megatron doesn't yell outside of battle, he just looks imposing while calmly threatening his prey with polite words.:twilightsheepish:

4911252 Well he is on an alien planet and having your wing which popped off getting jammed back into you the wrong way by a pink horse can be extremely painful both physically and pridefully. Which parts by the way had this screaming?

4911252 Oh, you were talking about Megatorn, I'm sorry

4911252 But yeah, he is dealing with with Starscream's smugness at the same time as having to worry about the largest and possibly most powerful energon haul to date.

i want to see tidal wave action i imagine something from godzilla

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