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Just a fan of the show. Wouldn't call myself a brony, but I like it enough to write about it.


The reign of Morgoth in Arda is over. He has been defeated by the Host of Valinor and the Valar have bound him once more in the chain Angainor and cast him through Doors of Night into the Void. There he has drifted for many long ages, pondering his deeds and his defeats until Ilúvatar comes and offers him a chance at redemption. Softened by ages in the endless Void, Morgoth accepts this chance at freedom. He is given a new body and sent to a new world with the task of learning the values he has shunned for so long. In this new world, under the watchful eyes of Equestria's Valar, the Dark Lord will come to realize that there are yet things greater than the power of darkness.

Also yes, I understand that there's no "e" in Silmarillion, it's a pony pun. Sil-mare-illion. Geddit? GEDDIT?

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:O A Silmarillion crossover! AWESOME :D

>Morgoth in Equestria

Tracked with the force of the gravity of a million suns.

"Black Foe of the World" in the "Magical land of singing ponies"? Sweet! :pinkiehappy:


Post-Read Musings:

Archaic language; Well done. Better than quite a lot that I've seen, though it could be improved. You seemed to be wavering in the middle, like Luna herself in the show; not quite sure if you want to commit to the entirely archaic, or just 'thou' and 'thee' and 'shalt' and such. It straightened out a bit later on though.

“Is it not natural for a father to want his son back?” - Dude, you had my star with the title, but I'd make 4 more accounts for this line. You deserve way more than one.

“Oh look! He’s waking up! Hi Mister Sleepyhead!” exclaimed a second voice. This one was far more bubbly and excited than the first and Morgoth wished only to set the Balrogs upon its owner. - And yet, right after such a heartwarming/wrenching line as that, you give me the biggest laughing seizure I've had since reading Sparkle's Law. Pinkie Pie being chased by Balrogs? I'd pay you to see it anyway.

“Oh my! Are you alright, sir? Here, let me help you... I mean, if that’s alright.” a timid voice stuttered. Morgoth preferred this one, it was quiet and meek and the owner very clearly knew its place. - Already, I think you should put a comedy tag on this.

He cracked an eye open, again braving the agonizing light to look at the newest speaker. He instantly wished he hadn't. The creature was a bright blue with a blindingly colorful mane and tail. This one would die first. - PFFFFFFFFFT; Why are you so funny?!?!

“Name’s Rainbow Dash!” announced the brash, infuriatingly colorful one. “Fastest flier in all of Equestria!” Yes, this one would die first. - Sweer Iluvatar on a stick! You just keep it coming!

Here Morgoth was at a loss for an answer. How did one explain to a small pink pony that they had helped to create an entire world with their singing? He decided that it would be wise not to mention that. Instead he answered with “Aye, I have been known to sing as the mood takes me.” - I really liked this. Your Morgoth has a really interesting perspective, and he's certainly not seeming quite as evil as he used to be. Those millenia in the Void certainly did their job. As does the prospect of freedom, it seems.

I love this concept. I love your execution of it. I love you for writing it.

Morgoth in Equestria - it must go on!

Bring me MOAR!!!

- MS

:rainbowlaugh: Absolutely hilarious. I hope he spends more time with the mane 6.

Oh Good! I was making Lord of the ring cross over!! I hope they have some sort connection each other...:pinkiesmile:

Great! Please, continue. You have my favourite and all the thumbs up I can give. :pinkiehappy:

Hilariously brilliant concept and execution! His voice and sly choice of words is great. Not to mention the dry wit and how well you've written the "mane 6". You're off to a great start, I'll be keeping an eye out to see where all you end up going with this story. :yay:

I haven't read the Silmarillion and only have some passing knowledge of it, so I'm probably not getting everything out of it that I could, but I still found this immensely enjoyable. Definitely tracking this.


Oh god yes, you had me hooked the second i saw the cover image

This is all the WIN.

Your internets shall shine with the light of a billion stars!


I saw the title, and was like :pinkiegasp: ...

Then I was like, but wait! :rainbowhuh: There's, like, no way this can work!

Then I read it, and I was like :moustache:

Dat Mythopoetic!

I like where this is going. I go deep into fantasy!

This trend of just shoving random characters into Equestria has to stop...
right after this story.

I can't believe someone's actually doing this and doing it well. Can't wait for more!

/drool love it man, we need MAOR!:pinkiehappy:

When's the next update?

This is madness! Delicious, delicious madness! I was laughing from the point I translated Iluvatar's instructions onward.

"Did Morgoth just get sent to Equestria to study the Magic of Friendship?" :pinkiegasp: :rainbowlaugh:

Holy crap. I've got some work to do.
Here we go.

The archaic language was definitely my greatest challenge, I'm probably gonna need a pre-reader of some kind to help me along with that. Also, he's still evil as can be, but he's not stupid. He's been more or less stranded in a strange world with none of his powers and with Equestria's Valar watching his every move, he can't exactly afford to go running around stabbing trees and stealing jewels like back home. And as for the singing question, it would likely be horribly detrimental to all of existence if Pinkie Pie ever found out that god makes worlds with songs.

You don't need to, my friend, just sit back and enjoy the ride.

Yes, sir. You may.

Damn, only a billion?

I'd say to expect one within a few days. Considering that this is about the average time I get on the computer every day, I may very well be limited to a chapter a week. Perhaps with a second one on the weekends, depending on how many of my two friends are vying for my attention.

That pretty much sums it up, yeah.

Thank you all for taking the time to read this. I greatly value every thumb and comment I get. Though I must confess that your thanks should actually go to my good friend Ex-Nihilos, without him around for me to try and one-up, this story may very well not have existed.
Again, thank you all for reading, it really means a lot and I :heart: every one of you. :rainbowkiss:

YOU! Have just combined two fantastic passions of mine! Good show!:moustache:


Hot damn, this is REALLY good. Stellar work, even through pony form, you have captured Morgoth fantastically.

Now to play the waiting game.

Morgoth's "archaic" speech read clearly and easily. Not even once did I get the urge to kill the author and then myself, which is a welcome change from the norm. I'm not saying it's perfect, but it is most certainly functional. Nicely done.

The story in general is an interesting premise, and it's nice to see it being executed with competence. Too often I see an interesting premise driven into the ground by terrible writing. I am definitely looking forward to the next chapter.

In next chapter have him somehow get his REAL body back.

Smaug on a stick, this works.

How did you make this crossover work?

Rhetorical, don't answer. I just can't believe that I've actually enjoyed reading about Tolkien's Satan-equivalent being sent to Equestria and changed into a pony. :pinkiecrazy:

There's a first for everything, it seems. Fav'ed, and waiting for more.

i really like this, but i feel like i'm missing half the backstory. what is morgoth and all those other odd names from ? or did you make it all up?

Morgoth is the bad guy from The Silmarillion, which is basically the origin story of The Lord of the Rings. To give you an idea of how evil this guy is, Sauron used to be this guy's minion. He's basically Lucifer for the LotR universe.

432160 Tryin' to make me look bad, eh?

Good on ya, now get back to writing.


Okay i went in to this whit relay huge expectations, and still this story far excelled all i had hoped for:pinkiesmile:

+1 Internets to anyone who can guess what Sauron's parting words were from.

I think I died laughing twice reading this. This is pure gold, the fact that Morgoth is getting unintentionally trolled by all of Equestria is priceless. I'm really interested to see Morgoth's interaction with Luna once he finds out about Nightmare Moon. I can see Luna telling him that Twilight and her friends will be able to help him since they were able to help her. After all he is kind of a fan of eternal night, what with plunging Arda and Valinor into darkness twice; when he destroyed the Lamps and again when he killed the Two Trees.

Edit: 451391 It is from "Nightfall on Middle-Earth" by Blind Guardian.


War of Wrath, the song.

Instead of an internets, can I have another chapter please?

I smiled at that bit. :pinkiehappy:
First thing I did when I saw that the story had updated was putting Nightfall in Middle-Earth in my CD-player to have appropriate music.

I can't wait to see how he reacts to Luna.

I can barely describe just how much Win this story has. The reaction of Celestia, his mounting horror, the doom of friendship awaiting the Vala over the horizon in multicolored hues... oh yes, this is only going to get that much better and it's already awesome.

I wish I could offer some critique, but I didn't notice anything off. Well done sir! :twilightsmile:

"One does not simply walk into the throne room..."
I see what you did there!

The story begins to come into some focus. This is a fic worth watching out for.

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I almost feel sorry for Morgoth, but he did bring it upon himself.


awesome chapter

NO REALLY, I'M STILL DOING THIS. I've just been a little preoccupied lately.

Pretty sad that the last episode flew the canonicity of this fic out of the window, but don't let this discourage you; it has already started as an alternative universe, after all. Or you can say that Queen Chrysalis is like Ungoliant...

Now I should go and actually start reading.

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