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Just a fan of the show. Wouldn't call myself a brony, but I like it enough to write about it.

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The reign of Morgoth in Arda is over. He has been defeated by the Host of Valinor and the Valar have bound him once more in the chain Angainor and cast him through Doors of Night into the Void. There he has drifted for many long ages, pondering his deeds and his defeats until Il├║vatar comes and offers him a chance at redemption. Softened by ages in the endless Void, Morgoth accepts this chance at freedom. He is given a new body and sent to a new world with the task of learning the values he has shunned for so long. In this new world, under the watchful eyes of Equestria's Valar, the Dark Lord will come to realize that there are yet things greater than the power of darkness.

Also yes, I understand that there's no "e" in Silmarillion, it's a pony pun. Sil-mare-illion. Geddit? GEDDIT?

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Twilight Sparkle has read about about what she believes may be an ancient library deep within the Everfree Forest called Ravenspire and, friends in tow, she heads out to find it. However what she finds inside this place is a creature, ancient beyond reckoning, desperately clinging to memories of a time long past when the kingdoms of Chaos ruled and all paid homage to the Ruinous Powers.

Added the human tag for way later. Like around the end, for like a thousand words.

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