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Just your average reader and occasional writer. I like exploring 'want of a nail' type scenarios and fallen heroes. For some reason people seem to like my stories. Strange.


Two years after Princess Celestia stopped Nightmare Moon's return, Discord runs rampant across Equestria. With the Elements of Harmony still useless rocks, Celestia turns to her fallen sister for help. Little does she know that Nightmare Moon has been waiting for an incident like this for months.

Inspired by, and several lines stolen from: Doctor Who 8x12- Death in Heaven

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Interesting story! I find the idea of Nightmare Moon seducing Celestia into becoming Daybreaker intriguing. She comes across almost like a daemon. Celestia reads as someone who’s used to being in control, and by the sound of it, justifies some shady dealings with the excuse that it’s for her subjects. Nightmare certainly had a lot to work with there.

I would love to see how their fight against Discord goes!

I always viewed Celestia as a control freak myself, so I take the view she just used the excsue.

'It was Luna wut told me to do it.'

The Nuremburg Defence. ^^

now I want to observe the course of events in this universe.

Nisu, nisu.
I kept an eye for your content expecting a continuation of "Seven of Six", and now find myself staying for the (occasional) well-written character pieces like this one (or "passing the save") :V

This was a good one.
Rather obvious plagiarism of the base concept from DW, this takes a very different turn to it, imo - and one I can actually see make sense with the characters as you've depicted them.

It's a darker alternative to the canon world, but Celestia still obviously cares -
she's just turned from Lawful Good to Lawful Evil now :P

Well, at least a True Voidwalker didn't show up, again

I love it! Personally I feel like Celestia just did it out of pure desperation, however I also do feel like dark magic is corrupting because of how Daybreaker immediately turns to violence even for an act as simple as opening the door, something that "Celestia" would never do. Maybe this was Nightmare Moon's plan all along, she new that Discord would brake free one day and that she could use that opportunity to force Celestia to turn into Daybreaker by using her love for her ponies. So that is why she never tried to escape because she new she only needed to wait.

This is an interesting story and I like how it's left unclear which interpretation is correct.

We can't say, if she turned Lawful Evil, as she didn't done anything evil in this story. My theory is, that rather she becomed overt Well-Intentioned Extremist instead being covert one. Maybe with some Noble Demon parts (which also don't need her to be actually vile).

Has some elements from Doctor Who, with the Cyberman thing. Except in this the good guy became the bad guy.

All it takes is one bad day.

- Jack Napier

This needs a sequel fight with discord, or at least another chapter!
Very well written, I enjoyed it!

I don't think it's either; actually, I see it as Celestia acknowledging the fact that her inner demons exist, rather than repressing them. It's something I see as realizing one isn't a perfect being, albeit usually it doesn't come with a super-powered transformation.

The take that "The Nightmare" is merely an aspect of an alicorn rather than an affliction is an interesting one, to me. I certainly can empathize with Luna being the overlooked sibling, too.

Each time I saw my baby sister with that pitch black coat, my heart twisted in grief for the gentle soul that she once was. At least we had locked away that horrible armor of hers.

Nightmare Moon without armor looks actually quite cute!
Not that anyone would admit it; especially in her presence.

“Sister,” she coldly greeted, still not looking up. “It isn’t Moonday yet. Why are you here?”

I wonder whether that's the actual name of the day or she simply misunderstood "Monday".
And if she misunderstood it, was it unintentionally with no one correcting her or does she keep doing it intentionally to annoy her sister?

She smiled and bowed, just like any of her other subjects. “Show your little sister how it’s done.”

Had that been her plan all along?
Maybe even since before her banishment? All of this just to make her big sister stronger?

I looked at Luna, at myself, and saw that we were the same. Two alicorns. Two sisters. Two Nightmares. Hugging each other.

Aww... :heart: Sounds cute!

Good story!
I enjoyed reading it.

A good read and left for interpretation without trying to push a "right" view. I am curious though why she would order the guards to keep her inside the vault when she had already put her backdoor into the wards.

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