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Second story, here we go.
Decided to make it a prequel of "Luna's crossroad" since I can see it occurring after this story.

As Luna says goodbye to the elements bearers she now has to deal with something that she dreads just as more as the monster that was just defeated.


Well basically this very self explanatory, what happens to Luna after the Tantabus episode? It not only focuses on her but also on Celestia to give sense to what she does on the story and also there is plenty reminiscing to give an idea of how Equestria is in my story and to give an idea of the lives of the sisters.
I don't know if there is enough sadness for the tag but I will put it just in case.

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If this is a worry (ponies with guns). Then I offer you real terror!!!!


Something I do not think is a good solution of Celestia, but I wonder where it will lead. (though who am I kidding? without the "alternate universe" tag, stories usually try to fit the canon as much as possible.)

Yes, sadly the story will eventually reach a canon conclusion. had Celestia reacted like that 1000 years ago or later on canon it will either have ended with NMM or a such a heavy hit to their relationship that would take a lot of time to repair, at the moment of this story Luna doesn't have the self-esteem to challenge Celestia so she just takes the blow.

Luckily there's no much canon before Twilight so I can put my ideas there and not disrupt canon since there isn't one at that time aside from some specific events.

It doesn't make much sense with the 1st chapter alone but hopefully it will make more as the history progresses.

Why would this story have guns in it?

Pretty sure it's about when I talked about in the notes of the 1st chapter that some of my inspiration came from Equestria at War, a Hearts of Iron 4 mod.

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