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After seeing huge bursts of power from one universe a Q decides to investigate

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Well that escalated quickly.

well it was a thousand years in the making

5826131 Still, maybe a tad bit TOO quickly.

5826730 it's a short burst, further chapters will explain it. Trust me Twilight's actions are very justified

5826741 You don't like Celestia, do you?

5827411 actually I do, not as much as Luna but I do.

Canon Celestia is well intentioned but makes critcal errors. The same here. What she did in this story was not for evil purposes at all. She felt like she had no choice but to do what she did.

5828136 That "THIS IS FOR YOUR OWN GOOD!" argument again?

5828165 No just limited time and couldn't think of anything else.

She isn't Solar Flare here at all. She was desperate and made poor choices, and many suffered for it.

5828373 as the story progresses more will be reveal to the reasons on all sides. But for Celestia herself, she's akin to the Past Sins version.

Is this a story where Luna is Twilights Mother.

So love this can not wait for more :heart::pinkiesmile::twilightsmile:

I like where this story is headed. :twilightsmile:
Thanks for writing it.

will twilight been okay?

6161510 She has alot to deal with. This will be a LONG road for her

6161528 will twilight friends help her though?

6161561 oh yes. and her mother. Celestia will want to but what she has done has broken the trust.

6161580 okay and can you change a theme song for Twilight star, I'm don't like the last one.

6161627 Nope it shows what she is. Remember Luna was in Nightmare form when she was concevied

6161637 but that theme song you have is bits creeps.

Bruh. My feels. I think they imploded and turned into a neutron star. And then collided with another one and turned into a black hole.


so are you going to put chapter 5 now yet?

6325306 ok let me know when you are really.

So far I'm rather enjoying this story.

Yay Twi and Luna are getting along so well...
I'm so happy...

not bad not bad at all

Cute, Celestia has a lot to answer for :pinkiegasp:
Can't wait for the next chapter :heart::pinkiesmile::twilightsmile:

You should have said spaghetti and hayballs but still love this story:twilightsmile::heart:

Darkwing 987 AD-1002 AD

He was 15 years old?:applejackconfused:

6346915 they all adjust. Also Her foster family and Cadance need to know

6347160 ok, let know when next chapter going to be ready.

6347178 going to be awhile. multiple stories being worked on.

6336059 *does the math* 0.0.....pfffffffft! You're right! Apparently he is :rainbowlaugh:

6388571 Oh....*looks down ashamed* This is awkward....:twilightblush:

Great story! I greatly look forward to the next chapter, always been a fan of the whole 'Twilight is Luna's daughter' plot twist idea, as you may guess from 'Mare of The Moon', don't know why but it's just a concept I love.

6464792 thank you. Several actually have tried this with varying success.

It's interesting, but the portrayal of Celestia is just so... off.

There are so many better, more convenient ways of setting up a foster family for Twilight. That Celestia would make this choice is... there isn't really good reason for her to have made this decision. Even the circumstances of the plot aren't enough to explain why the character would make such disastrous, trust-breaking actions.

6489327 I try to protray Celestia as well meaning but flawed pony. She panicked and acted quickly. And she did plan to tell them both the truth but circumstances threw that out the window. She wants the family reunited but her actions have hurt that.

Frankly Celestia is often made doing wrong things for the right reasons.

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