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Changeling Queen Twilight Sparkle was resting after the trying and costly adventure to Rookhaven when a magical event causes the last thing she ever expected. And alicorn Twilight Sparkle.

Spin off The Hive series by Law Abiding Pony

Edited by ThePrinceoftheNorth and Edguy0009

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5254146 well if you have read the Hive series Queen Twilight has not been a bad thing.

Sweet Celestia!
Calm down Twi-
What the hay is goi.....oh.
Crystalia.....we may have a problem here.
Ya think?

No, that was Twilight and Crystalia, one of my Changeling Queen OCs, reacting to the story.

5254314 oh. This story is still in brainstorm mode and your Queen MIGHT get in if you didn't mind.

Not at all. I'd love is Queen Crystalia had a part to play. Just read The Promise first, though. It give details about her appearance and relationships....lots of relationships....

However, I would humbly request that I be given the opportunity to be sure she stays in character before a chapter involving her is published. You might also consider her daughter and sister, who I can elaborate on, but would instead direct you to Something Remembered and Once Upon a December for reference.

If you have any questions about Crystalia, Crystal Shimmer, or Fate, feel free to ask.

Well well this is already gonna be a good story I see. I wonder how Princess Twilight will react to Queen Rainbow Dash ?

5268855 Indeed there's also her own Queen counterpart and various others.

Hahaha, I can see this getting interesting. I hope to see another update soon.

If you're looking for an editor still, I'd be glad to take the challenge. :twilightsmile:

You need to post more chapters already. THE TENSION IS KILLING ME!:derpytongue2::pinkiegasp:

And I was practicing my lines! Hmph.
See? You made Crystalia sad!

5332321 well next up is an adorkable filly. then I'll get to the next chapter of this, barring Derpy:derpytongue2:

What do you mean? Wait, you're not saying that Twi turns herself into a filly, are you?

Say no more.
But when do my daughter and I come in?
That is....a very good question....and one best discussed over PMs.

5350018 he has the last Flare of Twilight and Girl From Equestria chapters.

Well, regardless, if you wanted this edited, let me know.

5350176 I wouldn't be against it. and what's on here is what I have so if you want to go ahead.

5350354 copy pastes the written area and there is a download feature on this site. I'll PM my email address to you ccan sned the update

I don't use my e-mail on my home computer. Tends to corrupt attached files. I'll send the revisions via PM.

However, it's almost a quarter after 1:00 am, so I'm pretty much done for tonight.

Hey, I have some pretty strange bedtime habits to compensate for it!
I'm fine with it. Even I sleep at night.

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