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Hello, Everyone.


Luna loves her daughter and will do anything to protect her filly.

She will fight every nightmare, destory every shadow that looms over her. Not matter the cost.

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Great chapter! I am interested in reading where this story is going.

The "Luna/Nightmare Moon is Twilight's mother" plot is nothing new, but Sombra being her father? Well...

Thx for your comment, I myself am a massive fan of Luna and Twilight being related so I decided to take a shot at it. I wish more people wrote about it, so I could read more about it.

Thanks for your comment and your support. I really appreciate it.

Maybe one day, more stories of Twilight & Luna being related will catch on like wildfire. :twilightsmile:

This was really good so far and I also a huge fan of Luna being the mother of Twilight Sparkle, I can't wait for the next chapter.

Thanks, Twilight and Luna have such a cute mother-daughter relationship.

Love Luna and Twilight like this, there is so much potential!

Thx for your comment, I love Twilight and Luna like this too.

You can find stories about Luna and Twilight, in the TwiLuna folder. I'm pretty sure they have mother daughter in other folders deticated to Twi and Luna as well.

Good Luck :pinkiehappy:

Heir of the Nightmare is one of my favorite stories on Luna and Twilight being related :pinkiehappy:

It's everyone's favorite Luna & Twilight are related stories! It's an instant classic! :pinkiehappy:

I love this story. I need more chapters.

Thank you for your comment. I will try to update this soon :pinkiehappy:

Suggestion? Write chapters in advanced to posting, For example, you should already be writing your second chapter before you post your first. You should also write whenever you can or feel like writing without hesitation. This will make it easier to keep up to date.

Really happy to see this continued, absolutely love it so I hope to see more

I really enjoyed the story. Hope to read more

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