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"With the vast, endless ocean of the Warp and the infinite web of the Multiverse a definitive factor; all possibilities are possible, all realities are real." - (I do crossovers a lot)


Legio Soroitas · 6:14am Dec 30th, 2017

Hey folks, MatCor with a second blog about the TwiDash Imperium, this one based on some comments I and others made. It started when someone asked if I was still going to use the Sisters of Battle at some point, and I said that I will, in my own way. "My own way" being that instead of being the militant arm of the Echleciarchy and Ordo Hereticus and essentially being space-nuns with guns, my new Adepta Soroitas with take on the role as "official" female Space Marines.

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Primordial Heritage (TwiDash Imperium Side-Series) · 5:57am Aug 14th, 2017

Hey everyone, MatCor1337 here with my first ever blog post to make an announcement. I am planning on starting a side-series for TwiDash Imperium that I call the Primordial Heritage. Basically, Primordial Heritage is a series of stories set in the TwiDash Imperium story-line between the Horus Heresy and the present, about the Primarchs having children of their own, maybe even a few grand-kids depending on who it is. But not just any children; they will be characters from a wide

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