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"With the vast, endless ocean of the Warp and the infinite web of the Multiverse a definitive factor; all possibilities are possible, all realities are real." - (I do crossovers a lot)

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By Eywa's eternal stars, we cast thee to oblivion.
~War-cry of the Stars of Twilight Legion


Disclaimer: the Stars of Twilight are a custom Legion/Chapter of my own creation.

Twilight Sparkle never expected that she'd become an Alicorn Princess, but decided to make the most of it. She faced many hardships and struggles against the Nobles that opposed all the changes she tried to bring. Her friends, family and fellow princesses always gave her their support, but it wasn't enough. No, of all people, Twilight got her reassurance from a godly being that she met and befriended in a pocket dimension she accidentally found one day. Worried for His new companion, the being decides to make contact with one of the Lost Legions. He may not have appreciated it then, but now He was thankful that the worlds ruled by His XIth Son were unknowingly worshipping the youngest Alicorn as their Goddess.

Main theme of the story is a loose adaptation of the Assassinverse stories made by The Sinestro Joker, except that in mine Twilight doesn't die in the first act.

Chapters (2)

A young and plucky elf mage arrives to a new home and quickly makes friends with unique and interesting girls as they all partake in the journey of a lifetime with grand battles, ancient adversaries, a vast world of lore and mystery, and something that is its own adventure: relationships. They will face dangers and obstacles that will make or break them, and some other life problems in between, but with determination, teamwork and (of course) friendship, they will pull through whatever is thrown at them.

Unicorns = Elves
Pegasai/Griffons = Avions
Earth-ponies/most-other-races = Humans
Alicorns keep their name and have elf ears plus avion wings
Chapter titles with the * are "rewritten" episodes, those without are my own making.

Disclaimer: this story contains an admittedly excessive amount of references and elements from a multitude of existing series', such as characters, names, locations, powers etc. That is what the Crossover tag is for.

The image below is my reference for the characters' skin tones.

Chapters (2)

A year has passed since the events of Twilight’s Kingdom; Tirek is once again imprisoned in Tartarus and Twilight has a castle of her own. But the pleasantries are called to a halt when an ancient and dark being emerges and seeks to destroy all who stand in his path. Along the way, Twilight discovers she must learn a new power that she would rather refuse, but it could be the only thing that can defeat the Horned King.

Crossover tag just to be safe.

Sorry if the quality isn't as good as my other stories, it was the first I ever tried.

The "Horned King" in the story and on the cover are NOT the same.

Chapters (1)

Heartbroken from her friends and brother abandoning her at the wedding rehearsal, Twilight Sparkle retreats to a strange new world and is later followed by Spike and Rainbow Dash. Once there they encounter new races, strange technology, gain great power and see to the foundation of a new empire. But while there they experience constant warfare from many enemy factions that seek their destruction, turning the innocent ponies and dragon into naught but a memory. So now there is only one question: when they return to Equestria, will they come as peaceful diplomats, or conquerors?

Universe in set in a Halo/Warhmmer 40k/Star Wars mixed galaxy.

Halo is property of Bungie.
Warhammer 40k belongs to Games Workshop.
Star Wars is owned by Disney.

Not sure if the action sequences will actually be gorey, but the tag's there just in case.

Chapters (5)

Things aren’t right. Ever since the defeat of Nightmare Moon, Twilight Sparkle has been having visions of a life that is not hers. Or… that’s what she thinks. Secrets long buried are about to bite back, truths come to the light and a conspiracy unravels. After all, how is Twilight to accept that her real parents are ponies that history says are threats to the land.

Inspired by Born Treacherous.

The Dark and Horror tags are for a later chapter. Crossover tag is for certain characters.

Chapters (4)

A parent would do anything for their children’s happiness and to keep them safe, even if it was painful for them. Queen Chrysalis knows this more than anyone when she had no other choice than to send her only daughter away, and it still hurts to this day. However, after almost two decades of separation, a royal wedding will bring them together at long last. But how will the young mare take this? Will she accept her heritage and return to her mother, or will she shun her? Only time will tell…

Mostly inspired by Change.

(Cover may have alicorn Twilight and not be anthro, but the image explains itself)

Chapters (3)

In the darkest moment of Twilight’s life, where all who she cared for have left her, a voice gives her comfort. It tells her that she is not weak, that she is not worthless, that they were foolish to ignore her. When she is offered power and knowledge that was denied of her, Twilight accepts and changes the fate of Equestria.

This story is going through revision and some editing, anything mentioning Nemoroth or Horus should be ignored.

Chapters (5)