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The Nightmare Blessing - PixelMoon

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IV: Nightmare

The Nightmare Blessing

Chapter Four: Nightmare

Written by PixelMoon

I sighed deeply as I paused, red eyes closed. Some part of me was intensely and kind of forcefully saying yes and to accept, but I knew what my heart felt. "Princess Luna, I... I decline your offer."

Luna seemed to be surprised that I declined her offer, almost as if she expected me to say yes without hesitation. "Whyever dost thou decline, Sparkle?"

"I feel like I'd just be a mere pawn in a game, only to be used for your benefits. So, I decline and would appreciate if you left. Now."

Luna hesitated, before snorting and muttering something about 'spell should of worked' and 'how could she say no. '

I wasted no time slamming the door behind her, and just before I could walk away, there was another knock on the door.

That was it. I grabbed the door in my magic and slammed it open. "Luna! I swear, I am not joining - Rainbow!?"

My hiss and growl at what was supposed to be Luna turned into a fake, surprised smile. Thank goodness I had my illusion on, or else that hiss and growl would have been a lot more terrifying.

Rainbow Dash gave a look confusion as she stared at my mane. "Uh hey Twi. What was that about with Princess Luna? And what in Celestia's name happened to your mane? And body for that matter!"

I gulped as I racked my brain for an explanation. Whenever I couldn't think of anything, I filled my horn with magic.

Rainbow used her wings to protect herself from the light my horn was producing. I continued to power my horn, and before it was complete, I heard the pegasus next to me yell my name.

I didn't hear the rest of whatever she was going to say, as of I had different surroundings. Surroundings I have come to enjoy, mainly because anything alive that these surroundings had were no longer truly a big threat.

I opened the doors to the Castle of the Two Sisters, where I took in the vast foyer. This castle truly was a beautiful place. Perhaps I could repair it with my friends...

Oh fuck. I just teleported into the Everfree and left Rainbow at my library! Oh shit! Who knows what she will think now! She already saw my new look, so she for sure is going to suspect something...

Heh, what if I could just hypnotize her to forget that. And while I would be at it, I could make her my servant...

Wait, stop it, Twilight! She is your friend! Friends don't hypnotize each other! At least, I don't think they do...

As I continued to think about Rainbow Dash, a yawn escaped my lips. I was still pretty tired, plus it was day time and I don't think my new form would stay awake during the day regularly. Maybe I should just sleep here for now and go back later.

Spike won't care. Maybe he'll freak out a bit, but he's faced worse. Like Nightmare Moon.

I walked to a staircase in the castle and began my journey through the ancient home. Finding a bedroom to rebuild shouldn't be that hard, right?

Biggest. Lie. Ever.

Finding a bedroom in this castle was like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Close to impossible.

I probably went through at least twenty-four rooms in that damned castle before finding a bedroom. The room had dark blue painted walls, or at least it was suppose to have blue walls. Most of the paint had time consume it and only the occasional random blob remained.

The floor was covered in carpet the color of purple, though dust covered the fuzzy floor. Maroon curtains covered the barely in tact windows. Lastly, a huge bed with black blankets and pillows, along with sheets sat in the room against a wall.

"This room must of been Luna's before Nightmare Moon," I murmured to myself as I trotted into the room.

I closed my eyes and ignited my horn. The wall repainted itself dark blue, the carpet was replaced with cleaner purple carpet, and the curtains fixed themselves.

I panted as my eyes opened, along with me collapsing. That took a lot of energy out of me. Normally it wouldn't wear me out the slightest bit, but since I pulled out paint and carpet from literally nowhere, it was more exhausting.

I laid on the carpeted floor as I rested for a few minutes. Eventually, despite me not wanting to, I finally got up to finish the room.

I summoned my magic once more and focused on the bed. The black sheets became a deep bloody red to match my new eyes. The pillows became a gradient from the same shade of purple on the ground and to a shadow black, as well as the blanket.

With a quick cleaning spell, the bed and the items covering it were cleaned. At long last the room was fitted to my liking.

After today I might come here more often, and maybe even start to repair the whole castle. Fuck, I might as well move in.

As much as I loved books, my new instincts felt like the castle was more suited to my likes. Besides, there was even MORE books here!

I began to trot slowly to the bed with my eyes half closed. I must have been pretty damn tired, because the moment my head hit the pillows, I was out like a lightbulb, as cliched that sounded.

I reopened my eyes to reveal the Golden Oaks Library. That was odd, I could've sworn I had fallen asleep at the castle. Maybe Spike had found me and took me back home.

I went to lift my hoof to rub the sleepiness from my eyes, but was unable to. I tried to move any part of my body, but I couldn't move anything except my head.

I tried to light my horn, but when I tried, a jolt of pain surged through me. I yelped in pain, which got the attention of somepony else in the room.

"Guys, she's awake! Get into places!" I heard a familiar male voice say.

"S-shining? What're you doing here? And why am I tied up? It'll be nice to be able to move again."

Shining glared at me. "Like that'll ever happen. You're just a monster who'd kill me in ten seconds. That's why I am taking the liberty of killing you."

My heart dropped, as well as my jaw. "S-shining!" I yelled before laughing. " Oh, that was a good prank. Now, be a good BBBFF and untie me please. "

Shining slapped me across the face with silver, which surprisingly burned my skin. I yelped in pain and hissed.

"Shining... I'll give you one more chance. Let. Me. Go. Now."

"Never, you fiend!" Shining grabbed a stake and went to stab my heart with it.

I winced as it pierced my heart. I screamed in pain before my entire body turned to ash and dust.

"This is why you should have taken my offer," Luna said as she appeared. She ignited her horn, and after a quick spell I was no longer dust.

"It was just a dream?" I asked.

Luna nodded. "Do you see what kind of things can happen? If anypony were to find out, then stake through the heart and bye-bye!"

I nodded. Luna was right. But, what if I just kept ponies from finding out? I can just do something about Rarity, maybe make her love me or something and then move into the Everfree Castle.

I groaned as ripples appeared in my dream. Luna's eyes widened and she began to fly away.

"Think wisely, Twilight Sparkle! One slip and you're dead!"

My eyes fluttered open as I gasped. I rubbed my eyes and groaned. It was sunset, and the sun was just barely peaking above the horizon.

I got out of my bed in the castle and began to stretch. Suddenly, my stomach growled.

"Well, it has been a while since I ate something..." I muttered.

Something in me told me that regular pony food wouldn't fill me up. No, what I needed was blood. After all, I was a vampony.

Well, I guess I better hunt.