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The Nightmare Blessing - PixelMoon

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III: Rarity

The Nightmare Blessing

Chapter Three: Rarity

Written by PixelMoon

I stared at Rarity with a hint of dread. I still lay my bed, tears still falling freely down onto the sheets. The unicorn hopped off the chair she was sitting in and approached me with caution.

My horn glowed pink as I casted an invisibility spell on my fangs. I hugged my blanket closer to my body in hopes of hiding my transformation.

"R-rarity! So good to...see you," I shakily said.

Rarity didn't say anything, making me feel awkward. I coughed slightly, breaking the silence.

"Uh, Spike? Can you come here for a second?" I called, sweat rolling down my face. I heard Spike reply, and so I waited.

After about a minute I plastered a goofy smiled across my face while Rarity held her unreadable stare. "...What brings you to my bedroom, Rarity?"

She still didn't respond, and at long last Spike entered the room. "Hey Twi- RARITY!"

Spike rushed over to the unicorn with glee. "What're you doing here, Rarity?"

I gave a confused stare. "Wait, you mean you didn't let her in the library?"

Spike shook his head. "Nuh uh, I've been downstairs all day. She must have came in without me noticing."

"Twilight Sparkle, what were you doing on top of my house, and why - no, how did you do it?" Rarity finally spoke, a glare forming on her face.

I gulped, sweat visibly falling down my face. "Uh...Is it getting warmer in here or is it just me?"

Rarity rose an eyebrow. "Twilight, you know that line is so clich├ęd, right?"

I frantically nodded my head, plastering a fake smile on my face. Rarity rolled her eyes but smiled. She approached me, causing myself to shake in fear of what she'd do.

Suddenly, she sat on my bed. I opened an eye and saw Rarity smiling down at me with concern. "Twilight, are you okay? Despite my earlier question, that can wait. What's wrong? You seem to be in fear of me, darling."

I smiled a bit at the change in the atmosphere. "Well... It's kinda a long story. Spike, can you get us something to drink?"

Spike got to his feet and placed a claw on his head. "Aye aye, captain!"

I rolled my eyes as he left. The blanket was still covering my body and part of my face. The only part of my body that was visible was my horn and muzzle.

Rarity attempted to remove the blanket on me with her magic. I grabbed it back and wrapped it tighter around me.

She stared at me with confusion. "Twilight, dearest, why ever do you have that blanket wrapped across your beautiful complexion?"

I gulped again. "It kinda goes along with why I was on your roof."

Rarity was about to respond when Spike came back with tea. He offered some to me, though I declined. "I'm not really thirsty at the moment, sorry Spike."

Spike noticeably shuddered, probably thinking of my vampiric ways. Rarity took the tea and had sipped it. When she swallowed, she spoke.

"Now then, why do you have a blanket on yourself?"

I sighed. It was going to happen at some point. I guess it was better to get it over with. "Rarity, do you promise not to freak out?" She nodded. "And do you swear on your life that whatever is spoken of in this rooms never leaves or leaks to anypony?" With a confused and if not frightened stare, Rarity nodded.

"Well, here we go," I said with a sigh.

I slowly lifted the blanket off of my head. Rarity rose an eyebrow and spoke up her confusion. "I don't understand what the big de-"

She stopped talking as I tore the blanket off even more. My new appearance threw her off, and now Rarity sat with her eyes wide.

"Twilight...When did you become more athletic than Rainbow Dash?"

I gulped. "That's not the only thing, Rarity." She was about to ask what it was when my horn glowed. After a few seconds I opened my mouth and revealed a set of two sharp fangs.

"Rarity...I'm a vampony," I said as steadily as I could.

I watched the unicorn's mouth fall as her face stayed motionless. I saw her breathing rise a bit, but other than that Rarity's body stayed still.

After a few seconds of silence I watched Rarity's slowly form into a frown. Fear filled her expression as she tried to run away.

"Rarity, wait!" I called with my hoof reaching out for her. When she did not listen I cursed under my breath. "Fuck myself."

I almost half expected Rarity or Spike to say I couldn't physically do that, but I heard no response. I turned around to see where Rarity was, and saw that my door was off it's hinges and Spike lay on the floor unconscious.

Rage filled my body as I stared at the mess Rarity left. Sure, it was reasonable to be scared of me, but nopony hurts Spike.

I ran to the unconscious body next to the door. Rarity must have been in a hurry and her magic flung the door off. The door then had to have hit Spike while he was walking out of the room.

I stared at the tea thrown on the floor, the cup shattered in several pieces. I felt my body shake with anger towards Rarity.

Sighing, my horn glowed as I took Spike and placed him in my bed. Once done, I trotted to my dresser. I grabbed a sweatshirt to hide my body and trotted downstairs.

There was almost no doubt that Rarity would probably shriek to anypony who would listen that I'm a vampire. And since I'm new, most would probably believe her.

"But vamponies are thought of to be myths," I said to myself as I trotted into the kitchen.

"Yes, yes they are," a voice agreed.

I froze in my tracks when I heard a voice, regal as ever. The loaf of bread in my hooves fell onto the ground, no doubt that any dent that appeared would stay.

The voice spoke again. "But we don't believe that they are myths, because they aren't. Isn't that right, vampire Twilight Sparkle?"

I gulped and slowly turned around. What I saw wasn't anything that I expected.

"Princess Luna?"

"Indeed, it is us."

"Us?" I asked as I glanced behind her to see if she brought anypony.

"It is thee way royalty talk in our time," Luna explained. "It's tradition to do so."

"Well, I'd hate to say, but Princess Celestia doesn't speak like that anymore. Instead, ponies say 'I' to refer to themselves."

Luna hummed. "Is this so? We- I wasn't aware. But Twilight Sparkle, w- I would like to apogize."

I cocked my head. "For what, princess?"

"Please, just Luna, Twilight. But I would like to apologize for my acts as Nightmare Moon."

I trotted towards Luna and gave her a hug. "It wasn't your fault, Luna. It wasn't your fault that Nightmare Moon turned me into a vampony."

Luna frowned, and for a split second I could've sworn I saw her eyes flash to Nightmare's. "Actually, that's what I need to talk to you about."

I sat down at my kitchen table and motioned a hoof at Luna to do so as well. I handed her a cup of tea, to which she graciously accepted.

Whenever I had woken up and Rarity was there, it seemed to be mid-morning. At this point, it appeared to be noon.

I was slowly becoming more tired by the second. I finally spoke up after about a minute. "So, what about my vampirism? I forgive you, Luna. You don't need to say sorry for something Nightmare did, not you."

Luna gritted her teeth. "Actually, I did intend to transform you into a vampony."

My jaw fell as my brain registered what the princess had said. "Y-you made me a vampony on purpose? Why!?"

She held up a hoof, shushing me. "Twilight Sparkle, you must understand. I did this to you because I have an offer for you."

I stared at her skeptically. "What kind of deal?"

"It is said that I created vamponies as Nightmare Moon, is it not?" I nodded. "Well, that is partially true. I created vamponies myself alone, not as Nightmare."

I nodded for her to continue. "I am the mother of the vamponies, Twilight. And you, you are my first Child of thee Night. I want you to help me bring back my Lunar Republic, vampony. I can train you in combats for the fights and bloodly hell this new life I gave you will have. With my help, you will be able to conquer anything! Even Celestia, if we may!"

At this point Luna had stood up from her chair and had her wings flared out. A pep talk, huh? Inspiring.

I thought over what Luna had said. On the bright side, there was no doubt my new vampiric life will include fights. Some I possibly won't be able to win. Luna is over a millennium old, and she was always the warrior. In fact, I had read about how some called her Luna, the Warrior of the Night.

But why would I help her with her republic? She purposely made me a vampony! She took away my life, the one thing I had a shot at being normal with! Now I probably will act different and whatnot.

And what about Celestia? The mentor and ruler who taught me everything I know?

But, I could be feared and have the true respect I deserve. Ponies could look up to me with awe. Then again, that fear could cause ponies to literally fear me so much that I could be a social outcast...

I finally decided.

"Princess Luna, I..."

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