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The Nightmare Blessing - PixelMoon

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II: Spike

The Nightmare Blessing

Chapter Two: Spike

Written by PixelMoon

As I trotted out of the ancient castle, I begun to think. After last night, my life won't be the same again. That can be guarantied by any lousy salespony.

I'm a vampony now. This means I drink blood. And this mean I should be freaking out. Yet, I'm not.

"Must be part of the vampirism..." I murmured as I trotted through the forest.

A thought that has been in my mind for a while swirled around in my head. What was I going to tell Spike? He's my assistant and may as well be my brother. How would he react to me suddenly saying, "hey, Spike! I'm like, a vampony now and I need to drink blood! But don't worry, I just might drink your blood if I need to and lose control!"

I shook my head. I knew better than that. Obviously the blood drinking will be a problem at some point, but since I don't have to deal with it yet I shouldn't be worried yet.

As I continued to think, I heard a Timberwolf howl. It was possible it was the same one from earlier. I rolled my eyes and groaned.

Though I didn't want to have to fight the timberwolf again, a part of me yearned to find that wolf and take him down. I dismissed the feeling; I wasn't going to be a monster.

"But I'm already a monster..." I said through gritted teeth.

There was no denying the obvious. I was a vampony, and vamponies are monsters. Therefore, I am a monster.

I begun to run as if I was trying to run away from my thoughts. Trees sped past me quickly as I began to see the edge of the forest.

I then remembered what I had done earlier. Not slowing down the least, I suddenly jumped. My head easily went past the forest trees and high into the air. I couldn't help but squeal with delight. Though I wasn't a pegasus, and most unicorns hated flying, I absolutely loved the wind in my mane as much as I loved magic. It was almost as if it was a part of me that was missing.

My hooves finally touched the ground once more. I was easily a few hundred hooves out of the Everfree Forest, and was closer to town hall than the edge of Ponyville.

A pain suddenly shot throughout my body. It was incredibly faint, and I barely even felt it. Realizing since I was a vampony, I glanced up at the sky. The sun was rising, which meant even though Clover wasn't 100% correct about the sun being pain free, I still could walk through town since the plain was easily bareable.

I suddenly began to panic. The vampirism had changed the way I look. Though I've only been in Ponyville for less than a week, everypony has seen me enough to identify the change in my body and appearance.

Spike would notice for sure, so attempting to hide it from him wasn't going to happen for sure. I groaned and begun running through town to my house. Jumping onto a house so I wouldn't be seen easier, I began to jump from house to house with a smile on my face.

I slammed down a particularly different house. I winced and stayed on the house. The owner had heard the noise I had made and came out of the house.

"Rainbow Dash! I thought I told you to stop crashing into my home!" Rarity yelled. She looked up in the direction where I was, and I quickly backed out of her field of vision. However, I wasn't quick enough and Rarity saw part of my tail.

"Huh? Who's there? That isn't the tail of Rainbow Dash," Rarity stated.

I held my breath as Rarity walked into the town to try to see a the top of her house. I decided this was a good time to flee, and so I quickly jumped off of the house and onto a different one.

I saw out of the corner of my eye Rarity staring at me with awe. I prayed to Celestia that she didn't see me or put two and two together.

The Golden Oak Library quickly appeared in my vision as I continued to jump from house to house. Two house were left, and I easily jumped on them. My back legs left the roof next to my home and I reached out for my bedroom balcony, only to miss completely.

I tripped over the railing and fell face first into a mountain of books that rained over me soon after my crash. I heard a high pitch squeal come from something in the books. I groaned and lay on the mountain of books, ignoring the sound that came from them.

"Twilight!" I heard a male voice yell. I sat up from the books with a worried expression.

Thinking quickly, I did the first thing that popped into my head. I got off the books and dove into my bed and shut my eyes.

I heard shuffling from my room and the sound of books being moved around. I begun to shake as I began to feel dizzy.

"Twilight... I know you're here..."

I quickly jumped as I felt somepony touch me. My head went though the ceiling due to my newfound abilities. The figure who had touched me gasped in shock as it stared at me stuck in the ceiling.

"Uh... A little help?" I asked in a shaky voice.

"Ohh, right!" Spike grabbed my hooves and yanked me out of the ceiling with force. I landed on the floor with a loud plop.

I groaned as the room spun around. Flying through a ceiling was not fun. I shook my head and stared at Spike. He glared down at me with a confused but stern stare.

"Now... How in fucking all of Equestria did you do that?! And why do you look different!?" Spike's eyes suddenly widened and he stopped talking. He began to back up into the wall, and when I got up he sprinted for the door.

...Only to run into the closed door and fall onto the ground. I shrieked and quickly ran to assist Spike. When I tried to touch him to help him get up, he swated at my hoof.

"Get away from me! Please don't suck my blood!" Spike squealed as he covered his head within hands and shook with fear.

I slapped myself in the face. I hadn't covered my fangs. I looked into a mirror and saw my fangs in board daylight.

"Fuck myself..." I cursed.

Suddenly, Spike spoke. "Um, I don't think you can physically do that..."

I turned my head to face him, and saw him staring at me with a deadpan stare. I rolled my eyes at his smartass ways.

He still shook with a great amount of fear, but seeing me not even looking as if I would hurt him, he offered a smile.

I smiled back, but it only made him wince. I shut my mouth and sat down across from Spike. "So... How did this happen exactly?"

I looked away from him. Where to start? "Well, once me and my friends got the Elements of Harmony and were about to defeat Nightmare Moon, she cast a spell on me. It didn't do anything at the time, but apparently it did do something."

I gestured to my new form. Spike nodded understandingly and ushered for me to continue. "I went to the Castle of the Two Sisters again last night since I couldn't sleep and met the ghost of Clover the Clever."

Spike's eyes widened with awe. "No way."

I chuckled and nodded. "Yes way. Anyway, she sped up the process of me becoming a vampony, which might I add, was quite pleasurable-" Spike blushed. "-she explained the things this curse does."

Spike, whom had stopped shaking, sat up. "Can you go in the sun?"

"Well how do you think I got home?"

"Sneaking through alleyways and fighting off Vampony Hunters who want to kill your kind," Spike answered.

I blinked twice. "Uh... I think you've read too many fanfictions, Spike."

"Meh," he said while shrugging. "What else does this curse do?"

I tapped my chin as I thought back to what Clover had said. "Well... I have to drink blood" Spike gulped and became physically scared. "-every once in a while. As far as my calculations go, I should have to drink blood every two weeks."

There was a pregnant silence as Spike pondered what I had said. I shuffled around uncomfortably as I waiting for him to say something.

Spike took a deep breath and closed his eyes. "Um... I suppose that when you need it, I could let you drink from me..."

I gasped in shock. "No! I couldn't possibly-"

"What choice do you have?! You're a bloodsucker vampony who lives off blood! If you don't drink from me, who else would you drink from?! An unwilling victim like a monster!?"

... That one struck some cords in my heart. Needless to say, he was right. I'm already a monster, I don't need to be even more one. "You're right, Spike."

He smiled after I said that. "See? I knew you would reason with-"

"But I couldn't possibly drink from you," I interrupted. "You're just a baby dragon. I'm sure I could find another willing pony..."

"No," Spike said with a firm tone. "No."

He grabbed my shoulders and shoved me closer to him. "I don't care, Twilight. I love you more than anypony in the world and I would do anything for you. Even allow you to drink my blood or give up on trying to flatter Rarity."

Spike stared into my purple irises. "I won't let you shove me aside just because I'm a kid in pony years. In dragon years, I'm a legal adult."

He continued to frown at me. I sighed seeing he was being stubborn and wouldn't budge. "...Fine. But only one time!"

Spike immediately smiled. "Great! I knew I could convince you! Now, what would you like for breakfast?"

I sighed in defeat but answered Spike. "Um, actually Spike, I've been up all night. Do you think I could take a nap?"

"Oh course, Twilight. Go ahead. I'll let you know if anypony comes in and needs you directly."

I nodded and smiled. Spike left and shut the door. Once he was gone, I flopped onto my bed. Almost immediately, I felt the pull of sleep and I shortly fell into the dream realm.

I opened my eyes to find myself in a sparkly place. I immediately figured out that I was asleep, and made myself wings since I was lucid.

However, the wings weren't normal wings. They were bat wings. "What the... This is my dream! I should be able to make myself have pegasi wings!"

No matter how hard I tried, the wings on my back stayed baty. I sighed in defeat. Despite the inconvenience, I summoned a mirror to examin myself.

Unfortunately, my form was of my new vampony self. Why was the dream doing this to me? No matter how hard I tried, everything stayed a vampony converted - for lack of better word - thing. The wings, my fangs, my horn, and my appearance in general! It was all like my new form!

Suddenly, my dream began. Vampony hunters chased me down an alley and Spike's words echoed through my mind.

"What choice do you have?! You're a bloodsucker vampony who lives off blood! If you don't drink from me, who else would you drink from?! An unwilling victim like a monster!?"

You're a bloodsucker vampony...

An unwilling victim...


You're a monster.

Tears began to fall down my cheeks. Lastly, my dream showed Spike laying on a bed with myself on top of him. His face filled my vision as my fangs stabbed his neck. Blood rolled down his neck as he groaned, his life being sucked out of him.


He struggled to keep his eyes open as my dream self drank his blood. When his eyes closed and his breathing stopped, I felt my heart drop.

"SPIKE!" I yelled.

The dream transitioned to a graveyard. I sat next to a grave with tears rolling down my face. Ponies were surrounding me, yelling a bunch of things.

"You're a monster!"


"Oh my Celestia! Vampony! Ek!"



A pegasus stepped out of the crowd. She had a butter yellow coat and a pink mane. A frown adorned her face as she spoke.

"It's all your fault."

I awakened with tears running down my face. A puddle of tears was on my pillow and I was sweating. I sobbed into my already soaked pillow as I hugged my legs.

"Spike... No..."

Suddenly, a creak from somewhere in my room caught my attention. I turned my head, tears still streaming down my face, to see what made the sound.

"Hello, Twilight," Rarity spoke as the chair she sat in creaked again.