• Published 27th Jun 2017
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The Nightmare Blessing - PixelMoon

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I: The Nightmare Blessing

The Nightmare Blessing (Rewritten)

Chapter 1: The Nightmare Blessing

Written by PixelMoon

I watched as the once fierce demon of the night stared in horror as the rainbow from the Elements of Harmony headed towards her dark figure. She still attempted to fight, firing one last spell at my body, to which had no affect.

"NOOOOOOO!!!!" Nightmare Moon screeched out once the rainbow energy had surrounded the alicorn before destroying her physical body.

The Elements of Harmony put myself and my new friends down onto the floor of the castle. I must have been pretty exhausted, as well as the other five ponies, because the next thing I knew I had fallen unconscious.

A bright light had awakened me. I opened my eyes to find that my new friends and I all lay on the floor. I had been the last to awaken. The bright light was the glorious sun rising, and with it an immortal being flew down to the castle.

Everypony stared in bewilderment as Princess Celestia unfurled her wings in all of their glory. "Princess Celestia!!" I called, galloping towards my mentor while everypony else bowed.

"Twilight Sparkle, my most faithful student. I knew you could do it," Celestia praised.

"But you told me it was just an old pony's tale," I gave her an uneasy face while continuing to hold my hug firmly.

"I said you needed to make some friends; nothing more Twilight. I saw the signs of Nightmare Moon's return and I knew it was you who had the magic inside to defeat her." I gave a blank stare at my mentor as she continued to talk. "But you could not unleash it until you let true friendship into your heart. Now if only another will as well."

Princess Celestia then walked over to what once was Nightmare Moon. In her place was a purple alicorn with a blue mane.

"Princess Luna," Celestia boomed as she unfurled her wings. "It has been a thousand years since I have seen you like this."

The alicorn known as Luna suddenly opened her eyes in shock. Celestia bent down next to the purple alicorn, who stared away with regret. "It's time to put our differences behind us. We were meant to rule together, little sister."

I gasped in shock. "Sister?!"

Celestia continued, eyes all focused on her. "Will you accept my friendship?" All eyes then fixed onto Luna, who stared down before making her decision.

She leaped into Celestia's side, surprising me as well as the princess. "I'm so sorry! I missed you so much, big sister!"

Celestia sobbed into Luna's fur. "I've missed you too."

Pinkie's loud cries were heard, and so I glanced around my shoulder to stare at the earth pony. She had tears flowing freely from her eyes until suddenly she yelled, "hey, you know what this calls for? A party!"

I shook my head in amusement, though I couldn't shake the slight burn in my eyes as I stared at Princess Celestia. Maybe it was just because of not seeing the daylight for a while.

I sighed in relief as I shut the door to the Golden Oak Library. Pinkie's party was incredible, though I was happy to be alone again.

There was this itching feeling in the back of my head while I was at that party. I don't know what it was, but every once in a while I caught myself staring at somepony's neck.

Shrugging it off, I trotted deeper into the library. "Spike! I'm home! Spike?" I trotted up the stairs and to the bedroom and found Spike fast asleep.

A smile graced my lips. In his peaceful state, he was so adorable.

And so vulnerable...

I gasped in shock. Why did I think that? It wasn't like I was gonna hurt him... Was I?

I stared at the dragon once more. I could hear his slow heartbeat peacefully beating with every breath that he took.

Wait... What?

My ears flicked at a slight sound. I could hear the owls hooting from outside. That was weird. Why could I suddenly hear everything?

A small groan took me out of my thoughts. Spike slowly opened his eyes and stared at me. An eyebrow rose, and I guessed it was because I was leaning over him.

"Erm... Hey Twilight. It's what, twelve o'clock? Go to bed." I heard him murmured before tucking himself further into his blanket.

I nodded and headed for my bed, only to not be able to sleep. I tossed and turned, attempting to get into a comfortable position. But no matter how hard I tried, I was wide awake.

Sighing, I gave up on trying to get a good night's sleep and just got up. I carefully went downstairs, which to some reason I could see a lot better in the dark then I used to.

I trotted into my kitchen while humming a little tune. The clock indicated that it was about one o'clock in the morning. I went towards my fridge to grab a midnight snack.

It was just an apple that... Applesack, was it? I don't know, but the orange one gave me it while at Sweet Apple Acres. I gobbled it up quickly, and then opened the fridge once more to get a drink.

The milk carton was closest to my hoof, so I grabbed a cup with my magic and poured some milk into it. I gave a refreshing sigh as the cold liquid went down my throat. Yet, for an odd reason it didn't quench my thirst.

I shrugged it off and closed the fridge. I trotted back towards the staircase, but paused when I saw the window. I changed my path and headed to the window instead.

The moon was full, and stars consisting with the colors of mostly white and the occasional red, blue, or yellow. They seemed to twinkle and say hello to me, but I knew that the little lights couldn't actually sparkle.

Since I still couldn't find even the tiniest bit of me being tired, I decided to go for a walk. I trotted away from the window and went across the room to the door.

Once I stepped outside, I allowed the moonlight to bath over my body. Due to being Summer, the temperature was decently warm. I used my magic to shut the door behind me and started to trot around Ponyville.

It was calm, the occasional cricket chirping as I trotted past with my tail flicking behind me ever so often. I didn't expect anypony to be up, with it be one in the morning and all.

I was too busy thinking that I didn't realize where I was. My head suddenly clunked on a tree, causing myself to yelp in pain. I finally lifted my head, and saw I hadn't even been trotting around town. The tree was in the outskirts of Ponyville, which was where I was.

I immediately recognized the type of tree and where it naturally lived. A forest lay before my body, but it wasn't any of the friendly forests that I knew of, the ones that consisted with adorable bunnies and whatnot.

No, this was the Everfree Forest, one of the most dangerous forest known to Ponydom. I gasped in shock and jumped back.

But then I had a slight urge to head inside the woods. Why I wanted to I had no idea, but going with my gut instinct was usually the best idea.

I carefully placed one of my front hooves slightly past the tree I had bonked my head on, which now had my horn indent printed inside the tree forever.

I heard a wolf howl as soon as I had placed all four of my hooves into the forest. I didn't flinch or get scared, however. Maybe it was because I had defeated an immortal alicorn. Maybe I think I'm better than everypony else. But that can't be true! I'm modest, right? I did the thing anypony would have done in my position.

I thought back to earlier. The spell that Nightmare Moon shot at me. What exactly did it do? The Elements of Harmony discarded the spell, right? No harm could have been done... right?

Then a sudden thought placed itself in my brain. How exactly did I get to the Everfree Forest so quickly? Last that I've seen I wasn't that fast. Shit, I don't even think Rainbow Crash... I think it was Rainbow Crash. I mean, she did crash into me... well I don't think even she couldn't go that fast while running, let alone trot.

Maybe... just maybe, the spell did do something to me. But if it was meant to do harm, why would it do something good like make me incredibly fast? That doesn't seem terrible at all!

My ears dropped. What if... what if this isn't all the spell does? My hearing is suddenly a lot better. I don't remember being able to hear Spike's heartbeat. But then again, that doesn't even seem that bad.

I heard the wolf howl once more, but this time it seemed really close. I gulped as I slowly turned around, only to be met with an angry Timberwolf.

Its foul breath was all up in my face, which thanks to my sudden super senses, smelled twenty times worse than it should have.

The wolf took a step forward, angeling itself in order to pounce onto me, I presumed. As it took a step forward, I did as well. It kept taking steps forward, causing myself to as well.

As I took one more step, I suddenly felt something hit me from behind. I turned my head to see a pole that a rope was tied to, and saw another one a few hooves away.

I gave a relieved smile, and quickly dove out of the way of the wolf, whom decided to attempt to attack me while my head was turned.

I quickly ran behind the Timberwolf, running away from the ropes. The wolf had quickly recovered from falling over after unsuccessfully attacking me.

The wolf then tried to attack me again, but instead of dodging, I ran towards the wolf of wood. It gave a confused stare, but pushed on.

I suddenly jumped, expecting to only jump about a hoof high. But no, that wasn't the case. I leaped in the air, and found that I was a few hooves over the trees.

I gasped, and I saw that the Timberwolf couldn't believe it either. The leap had lasted long enough that I had landed on the other side of the bridge that the ropes were connected to.

The weirdest part, well, actually second weirdest part, was the fact that I still wasn't the tiniest bit tired. I saw the wolf attempting to walk over the bridge, and so I decided it would be a good time to leave.

The Castle of the Two Sisters was closest to my area, considering it was literally right in front of me. I ran over to the ground doors, opening them and walking inside.

The castle was just a deary and dull as before. The stone that made up the entire castle was falling apart, and I could make out two thrones that had decayed within the past centuries.

Since I clearly wasn't going to be tired anytime soon, I decided to explore the castle. I trotted calmly through the corridors, taking note of every painting or room.

I came to a halt when I noticed a part of the castle that didn't seem to decay away. The stone had looked like how I guessed it looked over a thousand years ago.

The tapestries were still in tact, and the doors hadn't fallen off of their hinges. I furrowed my brow in curiosity. Trotting forward, I opened the door that was closest to me.

It wasn't at all what I expected. Moonlight was gently gleaming through the stain glass window, which had a moon on it, along with a pony with small fangs.

I gulped and suddenly felt the need to feel my mouth. I shook my head mentally. Vamponies aren't real, Twilight...

I continued to scan the room, trying to push the thought to the back of my brain. There was couches made of a deep red velvet, and a few tables, along with a bookcase, sat along the wall.

Then my eyes lay upon an obsidian platform with a magic rune on it. I eyed the platform, considering it was obsidian, which wasn't a common material and was hard to come by.

I continued to look around the room, making note to come back to that platform later. There was another door inside of the room, so I went inside.

The next room seemed to be an armory of some sort. Swords, chest plates, and other lines of defense was around the room, along with a sparing dummy.

Seeing nothing else in the room, I trotted out and closed the door behind me. Doing an eye sweep of the room to make sure I didn't see anything else, which I didn't, I went back to the platform.

I hoped onto the piece of obsidian, managing to not over jump this time. The rune imprinted onto the platform suddenly lighted up and glowed. I gave a panicked stare and prepared a spell in case anything happened.

Something did happen, in fact. Green smoke swirled around me before landing next to be. The smoke became a unicorn mare with a green mane and a white coat. I didn't notice right away, but I was able to see through the pony.

She gave a death stare before booming in a loud voice, "WHO DARES AWAKENING ME FROM MY ETERNAL SLEEP?!"

I slightly coughed, getting the ghost's attention. "Um, I did, Miss Ghost..."

The ghost turned her head to focus on me before grinning. "Ah! Hello there, you must be Twilight Sparkle. "

I didn't understand how she knew who I was, but I didn't show my up most confusion. "Uh, hello. How do you know who I am? And who even are you, for that matter?"

The ghost giggled. "You don't remember reading about me being Starswirl the Bearded's apprentice?"

I must have looked pretty silly, because the unicorn laughed even harder. "You, you are Clover the Clever?!"

"The one and only! Now, you must be wondering why you suddenly have extreme senses," she stated, and I nodded. "Well, it might be easier to show you."

I saw her horn glow unsurprisingly red, and felt a pleasurable tingle throughout my body. I felt my horn spark for a split second, but it quickly disabled itself.

After about a minute her horn stopped glowing, and left me panting. Clover giggled a bit before levitating a mirror over to me.

"I forgot to tell you speeding up the process like I just did makes it a bit pleasurable." I gave her a deadpan stare, my tongue still hanging out of my mouth.

I finally managed to get onto my four hooves. I faced the mirror, bracing myself for any changes. What I saw when I looked, well, I couldn't say anything.

My body was noticeably a lot more sleek and athletic, even more than Rainbow... Trash? I really needed to learn my new acquaintances names.

My normal navy blue mane had grown a bit, my bangs spilt by my horn and falling onto the sides of my face a little. The color had gone from blue to black, but personally, it looked better like that.

Bits and pieces of my mane had been dyed pink and purple instead of the normal one lock of hair being purple and pink. My now red eyes carried on through the mirror's image up to my horn, which was noticeably sharper.

I opened my mouth and found what I had hoped wasn't there; fangs. I took my hoof and stuck them on my fangs to see how sharp they were, and they were incredibly sharp. I guessed they were sharp enough to rip possibly wood.

I turned to Clover, who had a smile smirk on her face. "Am I a vampony?" I asked, though I already knew the answer.

Clover's head bobbled up and down. "Precisely. You have been hit with a spell by the creator of Vamponies, Nightmare Moon. This spell had been the one Princess Luna used centuries ago to turn willing ponies into creatures of the night. She called it a blessing. The Blessing of the Night, or The Nightmare Blessing as you could call it."

I nodded my head, tears filling my eyes. "So, am I a monster? Oh who am I kidding, of course I am a monster! I have to drink blood!"

Clover shook her head. "You aren't a monster. Yes, you do have to drink blood, but that is the source of your power. Most of the myths and legends are not true, however. Like for instance, you can go into the sunlight, though you lose your powers, leaving you vulnerable. And no, you don't gain bat wings, that's what having the ability to turn into a bat is for. I mean, if you're a pegasus you get them, and- I'm rambling aren't I?"

I nodded, making Clover blush. "Well, anyway, I should be going, it's almost dawn. I'll come visit again soon, Clover." I waved a hoof at the ghost, who did the same as well.

I trotted out of the room and into the throne room of the castle. I took one last glance at the castle before opening the door and exiting the castle.

I trotted through the Everfree, thinking about how I would tell Spike. Hopefully he won't freak out.

... Of course he will.

Author's Note:

This story had been rewritten completely. I didn't like where it was going, and since I had cancelled it anyways I decided to keep the basic idea of Twilight becoming a vampony but change everything. Hope the old followers of this story won't be too mad and will come to like this story.