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Like, the master of recursive fanfics, or something. Cha!


At long last, Sombra has captured his nemesis.

He prepares for a decidedly cathartic gloating session.

He does not get what he bargained for.

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“You know, the ‘we meet again under the most unusual of circumstances deal! Come on, you know you want to.” She raised her eyebrows up and down rapidly.

is that a scootertrix reference? :rainbowlaugh:

He had heard that before, but he couldn’t for the life of him imagine why any parent would name their kid Insipid.

Now that is a tale for a much darker story than this one.

Try to remember the names of dozens of other ponies who insist they know who you are but you’re pretty sure they just keep coming from some kind of mysterious follower pocket dimension…

"Just like all those settlements that need my help. Where do the things keep coming from?"

In any case, truly an example of Insipid at her best. It should be interesting to see what you do with this account... other than the other story you have up, because I've taken a look at its source and I'm not exactly jumping at the chance to read it.

Still, this should be fun!

You can read Sea of Stars without context, it's designed for that. Doesn't intersect with much of the actual story, mostly just the world.

Also, it's really strange not to sign every comment now. Feels so strange...

Insipidous, master of unsigned comments?

Well over on the Other Guy's account, I'm listed as the master of recursive fanfics. I suppose that's as good as anything. Cha!

UC #7 · August 30th · · ·

Like, a hero Equestria doesn't deserve, but totally the one it needs right now, cha?

There is nothing more precious than someone so stupid

Quite amusing :D

By the way, what qualifies as a self-insert?

I dunno, depends on the definition. Not this, since Insipid belongs to CRISIS: Equestria. I just named myself after her. Hence why the first story is about her.

Oh okay. That looks like a cool story. I'll have to check it out.

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