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Rough Waves has managed to enter the prestigious Canterlot High. He even got assigned the famous Sunset Shimmer as his partner to give him a tour of the school! Since the moment he heard about the school and its frequent accidents and magical happenstances, he knew he had to join the school. After all, what could be the worst that could happen?

Contains: Micro/Macro and non-lethal accidental vore. Proceed at your discretion.

Story commissioned by StarSage!

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**Rated Teen to air in the side of caution given the context of the story**

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what this was a little funny

Well, I most certainly enjoyed it.

Mi inglés no es mi fuerte, pero te felicito estuvo bien hecha tu historia e entretenida.
La estuve leyendo en mi tiempo de almuerzo en el trabajo.
Animo en tus próximas historia y mucha suerte en todo.
Mmm... Me pregunto si seguirá con la historia de este personaje Rough Waves? Podría continuar con sus desventuras en una escuela que está rodeada de estraños sucesos por la magia.

Gracias! Aunque todo depende del comisionador. Pero aprecio que te allá gustado!

Interesting story, but there are some things I'd like to bring up.

“Great. Just friggin great! I lost my charge, I’m late for lunch, and this reception is being as shitty as ever. If the Principal tried to spend more budget on better equipment and less on Saturday-Cakefests, we wouldn’t have this problem! At least I know he’s alright… hopefully,” she muttered, her less powerful volume meaning he could actually hear what she said, albeit a bit distorted.

I'm not sure the school having more money put into it would help with reception since reception issues are usually caused by cell towers or stuff in the walls/ceiling blocking the signal.

He could see her bell, throat, gums, saliva… everything.

Her bell?

Alas, it was not to be. Mere seconds after his ‘rescue’ he felt her push the leaf down. Curiously, he looked up only to find two pickles raining down on him.

“What sort of monster puts pickles on a burger!?” He shouted as he rolled to the side, evading the two offending slices of said vegetable. He then saw a few rings of purple onion fall, followed by a slice of tomato. The onions he was able to evade thanks to his kickboxing training, but the slice of tomato he couldn’t. However, thanks to its watery properties, he was able to easily tear it and pierce through it. “Now that’s an experience right there. Swimming through jello has got to be just like that!” He talked to himself more out of desperation and fear rather than a need to be funny. What else could he do to maintain a semblance of sanity?

He was about to emerge completely when he saw two large containers; one red, the other yellow, hovering over him. “...” All he could do was stare in disbelief at the two containers before Sunset squeezed them and a torrent or tomato sauce and mustard washed over him, pressing him down against the tomato. Next, he felt her place a bun on top of him and he was squeezed gently.

So, did Sunset take everything off her burger, only to put it back on before adding ketchup and mustard, or were all the parts separated before she put them together?

Rough fiddled with his phone and called her. This time, as luck would have it, the call connected. He felt the vibration of her cellphone through her body.

And lastly, how damn strongly was her phone vibrating for him to be able to feel it in her mouth? When I hold my phone, I don't typically feel the vibrations going that far.

I have to admit, I'm not sure about that either, but given how the stuff works, maybe there's something about the tech that's different here. After all, they have a school with a full science lab in the area, so maybe there's some advanced tech, like the whole school is a receiver/transmitter booster, but it's made out of really old materials.

It seems to be another word for uvula. I'll admit never having heard it myself before this, but slang is slang.

School lunches in the US tend to be like that...at least at my highschool it was. The tray came with the food, and you would grab the extra stuff you wanted in little plastic cups, and add them at the table when you say down.

Eh, it's less how strong it was, and how small he was, given he's ant sized, even a small vibration would translate strongly.

This exactly.

is it wrong i want a bad ending chapter?

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