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Spike has hit his growth spurt making him happier than ever before... for about two weeks before he realized he was still the same, just taller and lanky. He still makes most of the chores around the castle, takes notes, reads comics, runs errands around town, and helps his friends whenever he can.

He's the same dragon he was before. The same coloration. The same appetites. The same hobbies. The same likings. The same fears.

The same weakling.

The same coward.

The same Spike.

He decides it's time for that change once and for all. And he knows exactly who to go to for that.

*Other Tag is there due to the sheer amount of other characters that are involved in the story*
**Prequel to You Can Count On Me**

Chapters (6)

Rarity asks Spike his opinion on her latest wear. This leads to them spending time together in each other's embrace. At the same time, Rarity reminiscence on how she fell in love with the purple drake.

*Rated Teen for some sexual under-themes, but no actual sexual content*
**Cover art belongs to dubstepina, which also inspired this fic with her permission**

Chapters (1)

Starlight has been wanting to ask Spike something for months. Now, with the two of them alone in the castle, she's gathered the courage to ask him once and for all.

*Short One-shot I wrote in spanish months ago and forgot about it. Found it and decided to translate it and expand it a little bit. Enjoy*

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to I Can Count On You

Ember, Lord of all Dragons, has been presented with a problem that has forced her to seek the help of her best and closest friend.

Now that Spike has arrived all she needs to tell him is her problem. An ancient law, one that no Dragon Lord can object against, has come into effect.

What's that problem? She is to be bonded with the winner of a special tournament as life-mates.

Additional tag: Action.

*This fic will deal with a lot of fightining, but it shall not be gore related, and the blood will be kept to a minimum.*

**This is my first attempt at writing something based almost purely on fighting/combat in a tournament-like scenario.**

Artwork by Traupa.

Chapters (10)

This story is a sequel to One Last Bottle

Rarity and her husband, Vibrant Cloth, have a discussion over breakfast in which they'll decide their future. They knew this moment was coming sooner or later.

*Rated Teen due to implied sexual activities*

Chapters (1)

Mineral Stomp has always held himself as not only a good bartender and a fair boss, but also as a decent advise giver after spending twenty years listening to every cause a stallion might have to use booze to solve or forget a problem.

Or so he thought.

*Rated Teen due to implied sexual activities*
**Covert belongs to chari-san**

Chapters (1)

Celestia and Chrysalis enter negotiation to end the conflict between their respective nations. And maybe discover something else while they're at it.

*I apologise for the summary, I couldn't come up with anything better*

**This fic is dedicated to Allusernamesweretaken for winning the small contest I did a while back. I hope it is to your liking!**

Chapters (1)

Spike heads out to ask Rarity to go to the carnival with him as good friends. As usual, things don't go they way he hoped. And not in a bad way.

Sometimes things can turn into something better, for reasons only another knows.

Chapters (1)

After receiving an urgent letter calling for her help, Ember, Dragon Lord of all dragons, answers the call to aid Spike.

No matter what the problem may be, she knows it can't be so bad.


*I personally thank Semaj for his huge help. He is one hell of an editor and teacher*

**Rated Everyone since I think it doesn't earn the Teen degree**

Chapters (2)

Displaced one-shot. Not much aside from that, no adventures, just a simple one-shot.

*NOT my story, translated for a friend whom I convinced to give it a shot (Not Aurora)*

Chapters (1)
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