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No pony is the same after witnessing a work-related death, no matter who they are. The victim was young, eager, fresh-faced, and recently hired. In his last breaths, he let out a scream so heart-rending that the employees who heard it had difficulty sleeping that night. And Rainbow Dash was no exception.

But she's not losing sleep over that. What disturbs her is something far worse—something she said afterwards.

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Holy fucking shit.

Also, whichever one of you motherfuckers disliked this, I will fucking FIGHT YOU.


A 21k one shot full of feels? Well, I definitely can't say no to this. :moustache:

You put a lot of work into this. This, this is good, like, really good. This story is worthy of much publicity and I would love to see it featured.

And I agree with La Barata. I will find whoever disliked and cause them physical bodily harm.

The feels... they burn us! :pinkiecrazy: LOVE IT! dl.dropbox.com/u/31471793/FiMFiction/Twilight_Sparkle_lolface.png

I stopped everything and told the Skype group I'm in to come check this out.

also.... INB4 feature; making the call.

love it btw...........I WILL READ IT AGAIN!:raritystarry:

it got featured. not surprised:pinkiesmile: you are very good sir. very good indeed.

Dude! Chapters!!1 :rainbowlaugh:

What did she say? =O

Why is this NOT featured? It's an absolutely heart-wrenching, beautiful piece of work.

Very interesting story. Did you write this right after taking your first philosophy class?

I actually wrote a paper about my stance on altruism being a selfish human trait. Basically, human beings care about each other because we know that our success as a species is due to us caring about each other. So when a person saves another, even at the cost of their own life, it's because we want to ensure that our fellow man survives and reproduces, therefore propagating the species.

It was like 20 pages.

great scott! this is amazing....this right here gave the terror image from Rainbow Factory, but gave the greatest shot to the feels i've had in a while.....i love it!

Aaaaaand you were right. :twilightsmile:

So many fells... TOO many feels!!!

Holy tits, that was deep.

Holy fuck... I don't drop the f-bomb that often... but damn, this is worth it. This is purely incredible, and you've given me far more to think about than I would have expected... I'm going to go mindlessly kill crap on a video game to have something to do while I'm thinking...


I looked at the feature box, and thought, "What the fuck is this person talking about?" :rainbowhuh:

I then unchecked the "View Mature" box... by Celestia's glittering flank, it made the quality of the feature box exponentially better, instantly. Excellent. dl.dropbox.com/u/31471793/FiMFiction/Twilight_Sparkle_lolface.png

how do u....its just so.....I LOVE THIS SO MUCH:twilightsmile::pinkiehappy:

... I don't get the ending. Basically, this is what I did get.

Dash sees a pony die, says something selfish, and goes on a giant soul-search as to if she is selfish or not. Then she checks out a book and goes in her house.

.... I'll just be sobbing in the corner now... :fluttercry:

I have no words to describe this, other than by saying that it was fantastic, and that doesn't do it justice.

1641218 ... Any spare room for a Chocobo? I need the corner too...


Are you alright with hugs...? And bring some tissues bro... We need them... :applecry:

Altruism as self-gratification, one of the more controversial philosophies to explore in depth. A great exploration of character and one's place in the world. Also, the catalyst being a tragedy that shatters the tedium we build up around our lives and exposing our soul like a raw nerve to lucidity, is very realistic. It may be worth noting that Rainbow's quest to find answers about herself in the wake of these events is in itself ego-centric. Not that that's a bad thing. It's a logical response to that situation. Plus the story is huge.


Five stunned Dash's out of five.

1640767 A recent Discover magazine article proposed an alternate theory, one that makes a great deal of sense from the POV of animals with higher intelligence.

The self-sacrifice models work very well for creatures with hive mentalities, but not so much for higher animals.

I believe it was a model based on a teeter-tottering concept of cooperation vs betrayal, with the cooperatives having a slight edge in each successive generation, while always ensuring each type of mindset still existed.

Because we cannot forget that the 'heroes' are admired because the majority actually do not put themselves at risk, even when they see someone dying. Therefore the self-sacrifice model is flawed, as it explains only the few 'heroes' and not the bulk of the population who simply hang back.

1640550 I haven't even read it yet, but BRING IT ON MUTHA FUKAH!!!

Ponies and Ayn Rand. Now here's two things that don't mix easy!

Amazing. Absolutely, utterly, completely, breath-takingly, awe-inspiringly- Amazing and inspiring.
I have no words beyond that.
I applaud you and your craft.

My response: Ah well, he wasn't careful enough. If you're gonna be dumb, ya gotta be tough.

(We research biologists are cold, heartless monsters... we slaughter little animals all day long and take their bodies apart. We have no souls.)

This was beautiful.

Seriously though. To tell the truth, I didn't read this story before I replied to your comment. I saw the word count and I thought Holy crap! I don't have time to read all that! But then, I felt compelled to read, if only to find out what the description was talking about. I'm glad I didn't walk away. I just finished reading it and it was the most thought-provoking fanfiction-about-magical-talking-pastel-colored-ponies I have ever read.
Also, Pinkie is a genius. :pinkiehappy:

Thank Luna that this is released around Thanksgiving Break, with the exception of Monday and Tuesday still being school days for me. I'll read this one Wednesday.

well. i agree with rainbow. better him than me.:yay:
cool story but a little too "deep". i didnt even get sad reading this.:yay:

.............Why can't I favorite this story more than once? :scootangel:

Wait, she didn't learn anything!

She just used circular reasoning to justify being selfish psychopath.

You suck, Dash!

1641184 It's all based on the notion that all supposed altruism is based on a form of selfishness. There are a number of new behavioral evolutionary theories that dispute this blanket interpretation.

Frankly, I tend to reject all blanket interpretations of behavior as severely oversimplified. Motivations vary tremendously, and while there are biological bases for primordial behavior, inevitably there is a massive degree of interpersonal variation.

You can average out these actions, but in the case of cognition and psychology, averages do not yield definitive and absolute answers. It would be like explaining every variation of human intelligence by only examining average IQ. It misses the significant number of outliers, whose genetic and neurophysiological differences must also be taken into account for the models to be valid, for they too are products of the species and cannot be ignored.

I think...
Why is...
There are no words.
INSANE AUTHORS FTW!dl.dropbox.com/u/31471793/FiMFiction/emoticons/misc_Twilight_crazy.png

This was strangely uplifting. :rainbowderp:

Holy fuck that was incredible

Oh God. I loved this. I totally get the Mare-Do-Well part, and the entire loyalty, comes generousity part.
The sad part is, a stallion had to die for a mare to learn how to better herself.

1640433 You are EVERYWHERE!!! :pinkiegasp:

1641845 And still, the question remains:


1641391 So I'm not the only one who got that vibe from this story? It reminds me of Atlas Shrugged and The fountainhead (I think been a while since I read it) quite a bit.

I do have 'View Mature' marked, and it's there, at least as of now. Very interesting story, too.


1641866 The closest thing to an answer that anybody can give is: Because. :ajsleepy:

We are everywhere and nowhere.
We are the alpha and the omega.
We are the givers of life, and the destroyers of worlds.
We are the One, and the One is us.

We are... Sarah Palin.

1641911 1641895 :rainbowhuh: I expected a serious response, but that?! Bwhahahaha :rainbowlaugh:

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