• Published 25th Nov 2012
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Never Forget. - TheFallen

Story`s about love, and loss

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He felt the cold cement under his back, as he looked towards the night sky, Luna`s moon gave off a dim light as it barely lit the street he lay on. The pain was unnoticeable as his body ignored it for the time being. His mind was fuzzy, his eyesight was blurred. His heart pounded, he was scared, what had happened moments ago that he wasn't aware of. He made sure he remembered everything up to that point. My name is Green seed, my name is... His thoughts were cut short when he saw a dark figure lean over his right side; he couldn't make out their face or who they were. When he tried to shift to see who it was, pain shot threw him.

"W-what happened" He muttered. The figure yelled over his head, their sweet voice was one he knew well. It was his marefriend, Cherry berry.

"Somepony, Please help me." She pleaded. She turned back to him, he still couldn't see her though, but he knew what she looked like, her red and slightly darker red mane. He loved her, and smiled when he realized who it was. He brought his hoof to his eyesight, his lime green hoofs were partially covered in blood... his blood, and then he felt where the pain was coming from. He moved his hoofs to his side, as he made contact he yelped as he skimmed the open gash, and pain filled his entire body.

His marefriend looked down at him and held his hoofs down,

"Keep still, Okay" She sounded worried.

"C-Cherry?" He winced as his body brought back the pain that came from his side.

"Shhh, you’re going to be okay, I promise." He felt a warm liquid drop on his green coat, it dropped onto him, it wasn't blood he knew that, they were tears, not his, hers.

"O-okay," the simple response was followed by more pain in his side. He felt a warm thick liquid around his left side, blood, it pooled around his body as he lay in the street. He grew tired and weak after a couple minutes. As his eyelids started to close his marefriend shook him.

"N-no Greenie you need to stay with me, help is here." She looked across from where she sat and another figure came into his vision, but he still couldn't see who it was. The words that were spoken around him soon faded into unknown sounds as he grew even weaker. His vision blurred and he the world spun around him. Once more pain shot threw his side and all he wished was for it to end, he got his wish when everything around him became distant. The world around him grew dark and the pain finally subsided as he fell into an unconscious state.


When Green Seed woke he felt weak, tired, and most of all, the pain the still lingered in his side. His vision was better and words weren't muffles anymore, he heard the voice of his marefriend and another pony outside the room. He listened best he could to what they were saying.

"But I need to see him..."

"I`m sorry miss but until we know he`s going to live or die, No visitors"

"B-but...." The conversation ended and the doctor entered the tan room he was placed in.

"Hey Mr. Green I`m Doctor Red I`ll be handling your case for now , but glad to see your up, how are you feeling?" He didn't feel well, he felt pain. He lied so he wouldn't be bugged by anymore doctors.

"I`m fine... can you let the mare outside in, so i can talk to her..." Every word took a little more life out of him as he spoke.
The doctor looked at him and shook his head,

"I`m sorry, no visitors yet, but as soon as we get your diagnostics report I`ll let visitors come in." The doctors look was stern.

"G-gotcha doc."

"The doctor looked at the clipboard in front of him and shook his head after a few minutes of reading.

"Well your lucky to be alive, I`m surprised you are, after all you were hit head on my a car, the paramedics who got you said that the vehicle that hit you was going at least 50 miles per hour, but even though you survived, there are some problems, Your entire left hip is shattered, and your kidney needs to be replaced. That`s all I know for now but the report should come in soon."

He grew extremely tired form trying to listen to everything the doctor was saying, after he had finished he could only mumble a simple "Okay" before he fell back into the unconscious state he had been in before.


When he woke the room was dark, there was no light outside, he heard the doctors voice and some other ponies voice outside the room,

"He`s not going to make it doctor, I`m sorry but there are no surgical rooms that are open for the transplant and we can’t find any donors that are willing to give up their kidney, and even if we do find a donor, it won’t be in time..."

"Okay nurse I understand, I`ll explain to his family and others the news, then I will let them say their last goodbye`s.
He lay still as he realized the impending, he didn't want to die, he didn't want to leave his family, or Cherry. He loved them all so much, this was all too soon, and he never prepared for this. Something ate at him inside and it dawned in his mind... he didn't know how to say goodbye. He lay their still wondering what they would say when his parents entered the room.
He spoke weakly

"H-hey m-mom, dad” His parents were by his bed and sat on either side.

"Hey baby...” his mother ran her hoof threw his dark green mane as tears appeared in her eyes,

"M-mom, I love you guys, s-so much. W-why did t-this happen?" He felt a tear run down his face.

"I don't know honey, but were here for you. We love you Green. Your our little baby, and we love you so much." His mother kissed him on the forehead and tears fell from her eyes.
His dad sat next to him with a sad frown on his face,

"I love you son..." He couldn't get out anymore, it hurt too much for him to try and say anything else.
The doctor stood in the doorway,

"Sorry but it`s time for another visitor..."
His mother kissed him on the cheek and left his dad followed close behind her, then his friends came in... each sat on his right side.

"You’re a hero at school y`know, you saved Cherry from getting run down by that driver." His friend said, he had a grey coat and a purple mane. He felt like he was getting weaker every minute but managed to keep talking with what strength he had left.

"Y-yea, he chuckled softly, I`ll never let h-her get hurt." He felt his breathing get shorter, his time was running out, he wanted to see her... one last time.

"Well, we won’t forget you... ever, without you... it’s just the two amigo`s... we`ll never replace you Greenie."

"I love you g-guys..." He spoke in a sad tone, these two were always there for him, he had known them since they were little.
They sat there in silence before Green seed spoke.

"Remember w-what we d-did to the school c-cafeteria." They all chuckled,

"Who could forget," his friends both answered. The doctor motioned them out, he was extremely tired now, but still wanted to see Cherry.
The silence returned and once more the three sat in the quiet room, after a couple minutes the doctor motioned them out. Cherry entered a short moment later, as soon as she heard the doctor close the door she sprang and enveloped him in a warm embrace, he returned the hug and smiled lightly.

"H-hey Cherry..." He felt extremely tired, but he needed to reassure her she would be okay.

"Greenie... I’m so sorry... this is all my fault." He felt her tears run onto his green coat.

"N-no Cherry... It`s not, I did what I did, b-but I d-did it for you "
She pulled back and looked him in the eyes.

"You were hit because of me though, you pushed me out of the way, you saved me..."
He looked at her and sighed.

"I d-did, didn't I... B-but I did it b-because I would n-never want t-to see you in m-my situation. I d-don't know h-how I c-could live with m-myself." She smiled slightly and hugged him once more, she whispered three words he had heard before, but this time, they meant much more.

"I love you," They meant more than just that. To him they said, thank you, I love you, don't leave me, and I`m sorry. He smiled and but he couldn't move anymore, he was too tired to move. She pulled away from her hug and he shifted his eyes to meet hers. The darkness from his eyes slowly came into his vision.

"C-cherry... e-everything is g-getting dark, C-cherry..." He felt her warm lips graze his cheek as the darkness enveloped his vision, He felt no more, he saw no more, he thought no more, as the darkness took him away.


He woke he was standing, all pain was gone, and he saw Cherry to his left, she was crying. He ran to hug her but when he reached her, he went right threw her.
"W-WHAT?!?" He looked at his hoofs, they were partially transparent and everything he touched he would go through. Then he looked to the bed she stood near. His body lay in it, cold still, but looked calm and peaceful. He sighed and realized the obvious.
After that he never left Cherry`s side, He was there by her side at his own funeral, even though nopony could see him, he still attended. He watched over her for months, but months turned onto years. Soon she found another Stallion, but this didn't bug him at all, it filled him with peace, he could let her go finally, as he saw her find her new mate he smiled and a bright light engulfed him, when he turned to face it he saw the most beautiful place he had ever seen. He went towered this light, but before he went in, he turned back to Cherry and the stallion that held her. He smiled and kept going leaving her to find her own way, she didn't need him anymore, but he still loved that mare, till the end of time he would love her.
The End