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HI im ryan I`m a brony :D I love reading stories and I thought I might as well start. So I will and I`m just giving it a shot hope you like my stories

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OC & Other Tag?

This should be interesting.

Have fun reading it xD

Oc and other you give yourself a white card
I dont really mind either but i hope those character have at least some charm

1827099 I'm done, and that was pretty sad.

But Jake, Hope-well not really Hope-, and Max are pretty formal to be pony names.

I`m not really good at names leave me alone /).(\ and I took off other

Meh When it comes to pony names I just cant seem to get a catchy thing that will resemble them, So I use simple names... okay

1827150 Seems legit.

Because Cheerilee and Fluttershy are hard to make up.

I mean really, whoever came up with the names is silly.

well I`m not as silly as them obviously -.-

okay then xD
well anyway what did you think of it

1827175 Quite heartfelt, and a bit mysterious.

Just happy to see that it is going to be more than one chapter.

Oh wait... I never changed it -.-
well I guess I will be writing a second chapter xD

But he swore he was going to come back. :fluttercry:

Nice premise. Can't wait to see how things will evolve :)

Incomplete tag?

there will be another chapter :twilightsmile:

Lets try Avatar The Last Airbender? At least, they sing Soldier Boy in it. Other then that I didn't see any reference...

Are you working on another chapter because,


Yes my friend a final 3rd or maybe even 4th chapter will be written
Im a little clustered at the moment and writing is becoming tough
But you will get your last chapter(s)
And yes you got the reference lol

1841628 for that, you earned my dislike. people have opinions.

The author left and swore he would comeback [sic]...

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