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Princess Cadance stood quietly, calm, and wearing a patient expression on her face. Across from her, standing bow legged and fidgeting uncomfortably was Chrysalis, former queen of the changelings, wearing nothing but a diaper.

Contains diapers, diaper usage, and spanking. Please don't keep reading if you disapprove of any of these themes.

Cover Art By SkitterPone

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Awesome work you did there dude, keep it up

Well, this made Cadance really unlikeable. Chrysalis goes out of her way to earn her trust, and Cadance responds by pulling this 💩 on her! And then Cadance has the nerve to lecture Chrysalis on “trust”, when she has clearly demonstrated herself to be untrustworthy. Chryssy had every right to be angry.

​Really I appreciate the effort you made to share the knowledge. The topic here I found was really effective to the topic which I was researching for a long time.

... I guess that’s diaper play?

There's also the matter of Chryssi being a creature that was raised on and thrives on duplicity and guile. It is easy to imagine Chrysalis just "going through the motions" to gain Cadance's trust so eventually she can pounce and snack on the "Princess of Food"...

I do not agree with Cadance's use of forced compliance on Chryssi... but I do understand it. I also can see it as an opening to teach Chryssi about trust (something Chrysalis has little to no experience with, save as a weakness in others to exploit) in the simplest way, by building trust with her in a caretaker's role, something Cadance is VERY good at.

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