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Amidst one of their heated debates in trying to figure out who the best flyer is, Smolder and Gallus make a bet on a race of theirs. The race would be lap through The Featherbreaker and who ever lost would have to wear and use a diaper.

Contains diapers and diaper usage. Please don't keep reading if you disapprove of any of these themes.

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An interesting take on "Lost a bet=wearing diapers" idea.

Fun read keep it up.

Meh, not bad I guess... But I did never thought about the pony plumbing

9444641 They have indoor plumbing in at least the form of showers and baths. It's been canon for a couple of seasons.


Yeah, I know that, what I did not thought was that for a dragon that like to take lava baths, pony plumbing could be like always taking a shower in cold water

9444656 Well, yeah. But part of living among ponies means having to adapt to their customs.

It's good to see gallus and Smolder having friendly competitions. The way you wrote this story certainly gave off the true feel of Gallus getting what he wanted out of it, glory and Smolder's humiliation, while Smolder got what she wanted, too.

I wonder if smolder's liking to those things cute will expand into Season 9? Maybe she and Spike will spend more time together? I'm sure she'd be amused to see his apron.

This was a really good one! The whole time I was reading I was like "Yesss! Embrace it! One of us! One of us!" There honestly aren't enough Smolder diapers fics out there. I need more!

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