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I just really need a nap.


Refer-a-thon Winner! · 10:08pm November 26th

And that's it! The Refer-a-thon is over!

I'd like to thank everyone for participating, especially those of you who took the time to refer my stories to others. Not all of them turned into new followers, but I was happy to hear from people and what they had to say about my stories. Writing for stuff online can sometimes be a lonely hobby so feedback was lovely to see!

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Reminder! Naptime Refer-A-Thon Ends November 26th! · 4:04pm November 19th

Just a quick reminder that the Naptime Refer-A-Thon ends on November 26th at 5pm EST! If you haven't already, be sure to send me a message to cast your vote! Referrals are always appreciated!

You can find all the details on the raffle's journal!

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Raffle! It's the Naptime Refer-A-Thon! · 5:06pm November 12th

It's time for a little raffle! One randomly selected entry will receive a story written by me!

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Pegasus Ponderings: Mr. Cake's Favorite Sweet or Confectionary? · 6:35pm April 25th

What sort of sweet or confectionery would Mr. Cake find irresistable?

I'm sure being a baker with a sweet tooth would require a lot of self control, but what sort of sweet or confectionary would Mr. Cake be unable to resist? What kind of treat would he guiltily sneak a piece or two for himself despite it being made for a customer's order?

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Completing Unfinished Buisness: "Diaper For Teacher" In Need of An Ending · 7:14pm March 21st

I was looking through my stories that have been sitting in hiatus and remembered "Diaper For Teacher" had been in that pile for awhile now. I wanted to change it's status from 'Hiatus' to 'Complete' and move on, but the story's not quite at a good ending point. I know I'm not the best at wrapping things up in a nice neat bow, but for this story I wanted to attempt a clean ending before moving on.

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A Friendly Reminder, Eager Social Pegasus In Your Area · 11:37am February 4th

Just a friendly reminder that my Private Messages are always open if you wanna talk! I promise I'm not COMPLETELY boring! We can talk about...uhm...diapers...and uhm...naps...?

Maybe it'd be best if you were in charge of the topic...

But seriously though, quality conversation is just as important as a good meal and my social diet has been pretty sparce lately. So I'd appreciate seeing a message or two in my inbox that needed seeing to.

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Equine Inquiries: What's A Griffin To Do? · 2:50am January 11th

Some of you might remember a journal I posted on here a few months back pondering what Sandbar did to relax and unwind. Well now I'm pondering the same about

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Equine Inquiries: Should I Try To "Standardize" My Stories' Cover Art? · 10:46pm Oct 23rd, 2021

So I'm thinking of sort of "standardizing" my stories' cover art. Try to establish loose design rules that connect my stories to one another. Although I'm not sure how much work I should put into that. I've seen other writers put their title in the thumbnail or have a list of content warnings. But for my uses, I don't know if I should have all that information in a thumbnail or simply have a uniform size for my cover art.

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Pegasus Ponderings: Self Checking · 4:31pm Sep 30th, 2021

Sometimes I wonder if I'm still into all this diaper stuff. And when that happens I put on a crinkly diaper, give myself a couple butt pats, and see if my heart gets all melty and let out some involuntary cooing.

...yep, still like diapers.

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"What Are Readers Reading Anyway?" Asks Local Pegasus Who Has Successfully Read This Entire Sentence Without Falling Asleep · 2:14pm Aug 28th, 2021

Hello everyone! How are you? How's the weather been treating you? I am well and am happy to say I've been dry for almost THREE days straight now!

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