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Princess Celestia has done many things in her life.

Battling evil, dealing with stuck up nobles, and protecting her little ponies for thousands of years has been pretty taxing on both her body and mind. Recently, the goddess of the sun has had to deal with a daily struggle that happens to be the most difficult challenge in her life, bedwetting. Chances are, she will be defeated once more. Good thing she is protected, or at least her bed is.

Warning: This story contains diapers, diaper usage and some ABDL material. If you are disturbed by this or dislike this type of content, click away now!

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No, stop! It wasn't that big of a deal. Sure the diapers feel nice and I really like my paci... and I liked crying out my frustration... and I liked feeling helpless–" she then quickly cut herself off.

Come on Tia, you like it :raritywink:

Of course she liked it, how could you not! :derpytongue2:

Now if only she could think less like a ruler and more like a normal pony. :trollestia:

A very interesting little one-shot. Although I have to wonder if Celestia has thought about consulting a doctor in private for her "issue", I'm sure any medical professional could be motivated to stay quiet for the right price. :raritywink:

8886604 I wonder how she'd feel if she did something else in her diaper. :duck:

She might have considered the option but I think her position as a ruler causes pride to cloud her judgement every now and then. You never know though, anything is possible. :moustache:

I could only imagine how I'd write out a scene of her having a much bigger "accident" or how she'd feel after such a naughty deed. :ajsmug:

A great piece to get the creative juices flowing. You created a very emotional work that transitioned us from Princess Celestia feeling terrible about a condition she had acquired, potentially from age, and how she 'owned it' over it owning her.

The way the tale ended makes me think a lot on how we have choices in life regarding our misfortunes. Our bodies can change at any time and sometimes with no reason at all. Age is often a guarantee that things will stop working like they should but parts can 'malfunction' before their expected times. You then need to figure a way to accept it or let it ruin you.

It's a tad different, but I learned going 100% blind isn't the end of the world. I felt so much was taken and that I'd never be useful for anything for awhile. However I did gradually start trying to ways to make it 'good'. I always find not seeing people physically as a benefit as I don't suffer from judging someone based on appearance. I also like how I can never feel disappointed in a book, show, movie, etc. as my imagination is in full control of how events play out. I'd want my sight back if it were possible but it is nice to make peace with a physical ailment.

So, in this story, you wrote a Celestia who wasn't "Yay! Diapers are great!". You wrote one that feels the grief have needing an adaptation that is far from what she'd ever wish to need. Fortunately, by the end, she began to see that it doesn't need to be awful all the time. Find the good in the bad. :)

I'm glad you enjoyed it!

I get what your saying. When you get older, your body tends to become more susceptible to certain ailments that aren't easily fixable. I tend to have chronic pain with a few other problems and I'm still young. While I'm worried about the future, I know that I have a good chance to overcome this, maybe not "fix" but rather "beat".

I didn't want to make a story with a sad ending where the reader or the character(s) feel like garbage, I wanted to make a story where the character could learn to accept and possibly even enjoy their flaws. Plus, who could resist a cute scene with Celestia wearing diapers for bedwetting. :scootangel:

Thinking perhaps the author should add the 'Fetish' tag to this story...

I was thinking of adding the "fetish" tag for safety reasons but bedwetting is not a fetish. Also, enjoying diapers and other babyish items is technically not considered a fetish unless it takes a more sexual route. This is not what my story is meant to be at all, just a story with cuteness and acceptance.

I suppose I could add the fetish tag but at the moment, I don't see the need. I thank you for the concern though. :twilightsmile:

No worries. I've agonized over what tags to use more than once myself.

Perhaps if her sister teleported into her room, said "pardon me sister, but I need to borrow one of your diapers" and then teleported out...

Lol, I could already imagine Luna with a smirk on her face as she asked. Celestia would be like "H...how did you know?!" Then Luna would say something like "We know many things our dearest 'baby sister'. Then she'd disappear.

Though, I can't write how Luna speaks to save my life so that probably won't happen.

Just throw in a few "we-er, i-"'s, have her be eager and exuberant, and you should be good.

Yeah I know that, but I don't know how I'll be able to handle any time she would say "thee, thou, and doth" while typing the story out on my phone. I have to type out all of my stories on my phone which is kinda difficult. Maybe when I know I have lots of time, then I could try to write a story with Luna.

That's just it-don't have her go thee and thou, let her speech patterns be modernized with at most one or two slips into ye olde equish. As I recall, canon luna gets better at that as the show progresses.

Not bad.

I'm not a fan of diaper/babyplay but this wasn't bad.

Sorry about that. I know some people aren't into this sort of thing.
I'm glad you were willing to give this story a chance despite diapers/babyplay being involved.

At some point, I'll probably make an alt account for stories that don't involve diapers or involve any "fetish" material. This profile that I'm using will be used for diaper stories mainly, just to warn you.

I didn't know Luna's speach became more modernized later on in the show, though to be honest, I am still pretty far behind in MLP.

There's a concept here, some effort on display in representing the characters and spicing up the exposition. However, the story is in need of an editor, with even large and visually distinct mistakes like italics not ending at the appropriate place being apparent. The story has a habit of becoming tell-y when it should really be trying to relate the feel of events to the reader, especially when it comes to Celestia's reactions to the diaper.

Of special note is the ending, which is abrupt and inconclusive, resulting in me being rather dissatisfied with the time spent reading the story. It feels like you've set up a prime situation to have Luna interfering with Celestia's sleep to make her wet the bed, and then continue with her dream-manipulation to encourage the pacifier and diaper-usage even after waking up. Instead, the story has a [Complete] tag beside it with no real conclusion to speak of.

Your writing needs work, but I would like to see more of it. A little more thought and polish would go a long ways, though, and I would encourage you to read a few professionally published stories before continuing to observe how they construct their sentences and ideas.

May your quill stay sharp and your ink never dry.

So glad to see a response from you!

I do agree, I need an editor. Working on my own means rereading and fixing my own mistakes which only goes so far. Having an extra set of eyes goes quite a long way even if they only help with simple spelling errors.

The italics issue... that happens often unfortunately. Out of any error I make in anything I write, this makes me cringe the most since it's one of the more "important" things I try to perfect. The last thing I want is someone getting confused on whether the character is having an inner or outer dialogue with themselves or with another individual.

I guess I do sorta see where your coming from when you say the ending is abrupt and how Luna seems to be the cause. In truth, I never wanted that to be the case and I still don't feel like it is but I do see where your coming from. Do you think you could quote a part of the story that made you feel this way or explain why you felt this way in more detail? I just wanna make sure I'm not missing or misunderstanding your explanation.

Your absolutely right when you say my writing needs work. I can try looking at other professional novels but I have a pretty bad memory when it comes to reading, sometimes I have to read chapters 5 times before anything sticks. I also feel like I can never find any good books that meet my preferences. I like dark stories, mysteries, drama/thrillers, and sometimes even horror. I loved reading the first book of the "Dexter" series and I just feel like I can't find anything else that can compete.

Anyways, I'll see if I can fix those darn italics and some of the other problems I find once I reread.

>The italics issue
For one thing, inner thoughts with Italics are usually done without quotation marks. This helps prevent confusion with inner thoughts and dialogue made with emphasis. If a character is quoting another character during their inner thoughts, single 'quotes' are typically used.

>Do you think you could quote a part of the story that made you feel this way or explain why you felt this way in more detail?
The fact she can't recall her nightmare. That she has the thought of 'Might as well use the diaper' and her subsequent panic over doing so makes me feel like it's a sort of lingering hypnosis that was part of the dream/nightmare. This is further supported by her begrudging admittance that she somewhat enjoyed the feeling of losing control, which could be further twisted into Luna doing this to gain a position over Celestia in some respect by eventually taking on the role of caretaker or something to that effect.

>I like dark stories, mysteries, drama/thrillers, and sometimes even horror. I loved reading the first book of the "Dexter" series and I just feel like I can't find anything else that can compete.
I would suggest Terry Pratchett's Discworld series. The stories involving Death (the character and concept, not just the state of unlife) would fit into that 'dark' area, and stories starring Samuel Vimes involves mystery, thrillers and some light horror elements.

Thank you for the tips and suggestions! I feel as if this new information will help me with my future stories.

I never considered hypnosis to be the cause of Celestia's bed wetting but what your saying does make sense. While I don't know if Luna would go to such extremes for a prank or to achieve a caretaker role, I'm sure Discord would. He'd probably try to create a situation where Luna finds out and then observe what he caused from the shadows.

If I ever get a chance to go to the library, I'll try and see if I can find those books. If for some reason I can't find them, I'll try looking online.

Again, thank you sooo much!

Welcome, good luck.

Comment posted by Robert Emerald Fountain deleted Feb 3rd, 2019

If getting rid of the urine from her bedding wasn't bad enough, actually getting the necessary supplies for her bed wetting was even worse. She had to go all the way to the Crystal Empire to get the supplies. Lucky for her, she had an excuse for buying such items. She was able to pass off the purchases for her nieces daughter Flurry Heart and with the help of magic, she was able to make the diapers her own size.

So what’s her plan for when Flurry doesn’t need diapers anymore?

Good question!
Uh... one that I haven’t figured out yet, and one that she probably hasn’t figured out yet either...
Though like all things in Equestria, the solution will most likely involve magic! :trollestia:

I guess she will probably disguise herself with magic and buy the best nighttime diapers for sale at a store such as Filthy Rich’s Barnyard Bargains (or any other pharmacy, grocery store, or department store that may exist in Equestria at that point).

If you pair a Bluetooth keyboard with your phone you should be able to type what you need to without autocorrect getting in the way.

I'll admit this was an interesting read

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