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When Twilight visits home for Mother's Day, along with Shining Armor, Cadance, and their newborn daughter, she learns that a mother's work is never truly finished.

Dramatic reading by CoffeeMinion

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This story is adorable.

D'aww, happy Mother's Day, bro.

“I think that one’s peeled enough, don’t you, honey?”
Twilight snapped out of a daydream involving all the amazing things she was going to teach her niece as she grew up, and stared at the nub of carrot left floating before her. “Uh, whoops. Sorry.”


“Grandma will take care of you for now, Skyla,” Cadance droned, her voice an exhausted monotone. “Mommy’s going to take a nap,” she said as she shuffled off towards the guest bedroom. “Wake me up never.”

My ex to a tee. :derpytongue2:

Mom likes being Grandma, that’s all there is to it, I think. Besides, she’s an editor; I think she does a lot of her work on the train.”

Best headcanon.

Twilight Velvet grinned. “She’s the best granddaughter I’ve got, after all. Just consider yourself lucky I’m not harassing you to get one, too.”
“That’s not…” Twilight muttered, her face growing beet red.

:raritywink: Oh if only you knew about her crush...

Short and sweet. That's all it set out to do, and it delivered as promised.
Have a like. :twilightsmile:
Just one thing: lots of instances of missing commas before direct address. But we've spoken about that already.

Aaaawwww, this is the sweetest thing I've read in ages. Great job. :)

Well, I think I won't be able to eat any sweets for a while because this is almost too sweet. I really loved this story, especially how seamlessly it flowed. It was just another day, even of it was Mother's Day. This was a great little story. Awesome job!

Naww...that was cute! :rainbowkiss:

Beautiful! Happy mothers day dude. It's not in Britain, but I'd like the feeling to last :twilightsmile:

Here's a Mother's Day song for you guys !:twilightsmile:

Song-.- mom your the bomb

This was fast.

Great story and so true. My mom has gone to help my brother's and sisters when my nieces and nephews were born.

“Being a mother is about celebrating your children,” Twilight Velvet said matter of factly.


Her mother turned to her, hey eyes sincere for a brief moment before they sparkled with mischief again. “I know.”

her eyes

This was good, it reminds me that I don't tell my own mother how much I appreciate everything she does for me nearly enough. Really felt bad for Cadence, seems like she's been put through the foal ringer. The funny thing is we might actually get a scene like this now that Cadence is actually pregnant in the show. Twilight just don't tell Velvet about Flash or she'll be wondering when her next grandchild is coming.

This is the Twilight Velvet of my headcannon.

Author Interviewer

Considerably funnier than I expected from a Mother's Day fic. :D Well done.

Very sweet. I think it says something that I kept mentally replacing "Skyla" with "Flurry Heart," because you nailed this so hard, I'd swear you were Thor. Seriously, I didn't realize this had been written last year until I looked at the comments. Of course, it's not like there are many alternatives when it comes to raising an infant...

In any case, a lovely story. Thank you for it. :twilightsmile:

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Happy Mother's Day everyone. :)

This was nicely done. Really hit all the notes of an extended family during a leisurely visit. It's also pretty impressive that you predicted Cadence and Shining Armor running themselves ragged taking care of their foal, considering this was posted the season prior to Flurry Heart being revealed in the Crystalling two-parter. Surprised you don't have more character tags in use here too, since you could easily add Spike, Shining Armor, and Night Light - I omit Cadence because she went to go nap immediately. "Wake me never." LOL. :rainbowlaugh: Thank you for sharing. :twilightsmile:

Positively precious. This was a pick-me-up I sorely needed after a rough few days. Thank you for writing this. :twilightsmile:

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